Out of all the motivational content that we see a lot of people, including myself, put out is that we realize that a lot of the info is relatively generic. This is because there is no finite step by step instruction manual to achieving our dreams. There is no day by day, month to month, or year to year guide as to how everyone can achieve their individual level of success.

Trust the process you are on

We are all on our own path and our own process. How one of us views success may be entirely different from how another person does. Nobody's way to success is the same.

We are all born to forge a different destiny. Our dreams and aspirations all differ to provide the world with the uniqueness of all of our talents and attributes. If we were all meant to do the same things in our lives, the world would become boring and mundane.

When I first started this journey about a year and a half ago, I started with the first goal being determined never to work a nine to five again. I was still not sure as to what I wanted to do with my life, so I fell into the trap of going about it for the wrong reasons. I was really only in it for the money. I was willing to take any business opportunity that would make that paper and secure the bags.

Always follow your passions

Money is great and all, but when you not in it 100 percent and your heart ain't behind it, it's not going to be a strong enough motivator to get you through the rough patches.

I was running three businesses simultaneously, I was selling Herbalife, I ran an eBay business flipping watches, and I was an Amazon FBA distributor. I took on too much, nor was I truly passionate about any of them, and they failed over time. That is when I discovered and began to do what I truly ended up wanting to do and started consulting and writing.

Now, I don't see myself as successful yet, I'm merely explaining to you how things can change over time through the path of achieving your goals.

If you already know what you truly want to be in life, that's great, you've got a head start. There will be setbacks; there will be the pain - there always is when stepping into the unknown.

Its okay, you will learn, and you will adapt and overcome. Our success lies in our act of doing. Believe in yourself and start the process of following your passions and in the end, you will thrive at every dream you pursue. Take the path that you were meant to lead and nothing is stopping you from seeing it through to the end. Our lives are too short not to spend every waking moment doing what we truly love doing. You can do it.