We all walk this earth with one main goal, to have the simplest and most fulfilling lives possible. I've gone through my life trying to figure all this out as well, still am actually, haha. What is the Meaning Of Life? This is one of those questions that has been asked over and over again through time, and I believe everyone has their own personal opinion, but there are several universal truths that, in my personal opinion, can benefit us all.

Key concepts part 1

Now, I am by no means perfect, I have my fair share of problems that I have to fix, and I am not where I want to be in my life, but this is just simply my take on this.

What Is the Secret ingredient to life? I honestly don't think there is one. Instead of searching for the meaning of life, we should stop looking and simply live in the present and enjoy the moments that are put before us.

Our lives are what we make of them. They are as Great or as bad as we want them to be, for no matter what events come before us, we must seek the solution positively. We are all strong enough to make it through any obstacle in our lives, never give up. There will always be an imbalance, but that is the beauty of life, it keeps it interesting. Always be grateful. Always do what makes you happy, life is too short to spend it in despair. Never allow other people or objects to become your only vehicles of happiness, for if you ever find yourself without them, you will never be happy.

Key concepts part 2

The people that we should choose to stay in our lives are the ones that want to be there, regardless of the number. It is better to have five real friends than 50 fake ones. The right people that you need will stay. I understand that we cannot always control what takes place in our lives, but no matter what happens, we must always find ourselves moving forward.

The past cannot be changed, but our future always can be. Always be excelling and challenging yourself at everything you do, for this life was given to us to be made the most of.

One of the things we must realize is that in the relationships we have with others, we are never truly capable of controlling other people, we can influence them at best.

There will always be some people in our lives that do us wrong, but we must never lower our morals in order to match our attributes with theirs. Just cut off and keep doing you. Always be sure to help others, for we are all in this together. Last but not least, always remember that as long we have a pulse, we all have the power and capability to give ourselves the greatest and most fulfilling lives in which we deserve.