High schools in the United States have been known for teaching kids to not have sex, instead of how to have it in a safe way. Many would argue that this is inadequate information to be giving to a group of students that do things when they're told not to. This is a topic that has been the subject of many conversations but the one topic that is talked about less frequently is how there is no adequate Sexual Education for kids that identify as LGBTQ+.

Why it's important

GLSEN reports that only 19 percent of high schools in the US provide sex ed materials that are LGBTQ+ inclusive when they are teaching sex ed.

That is roughly 10 states out of 50 that teach sex ed that is relevant to everyone in the room. Many of the concerns over having LGBTQ+ inclusive sex ed in high school classrooms is less to do with the students and more to do with some of the parents of students. While this can be understandable if the school in question is a religious based school, other high schools should have to adhere to some sort of guideline for teaching to every student in the room. The question of having students that want LGBTQ+ inclusive sex ed have a separate lesson could lead to students being bullied and the potential of outing students before they are ready.

Why does YouTube matter

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community have an online presence on YouTube where they document their lives or other things that are of interest to people.

They are paid based on how many people are watching their videos and subscribed to their channel, as long as the videos they post adhere to the basis that YouTube is a family friendly place. If a video does not, it is demonetized and will not generate ad revenue for the person. Ad revenue is a large way that YouTubers make their money and if a brand doesn't consider them to be brand-friendly, they will take their money elsewhere.

YouTuber Stevie Boebi is among many other members of the online community that are using their voices to teach people sex ed that is relevant to them. Her videos are aimed at the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender demographic as she is a lesbian. She takes lessons that could otherwise make a person cringe if they had to hear them in person or by an adult they were close to like a parent, and makes them bubbly and fun to listen to.

She uses comedy to teach and educate everyone on things that they should really know.

Why should she be watched and supported

Disregarding the fact that she does a better job of educating people on the actual anatomy of the female body than many high school health teachers, she makes people want to learn more. She is easy to listen to and doesn't make her viewers feel stupid for having questions about things. As an open person, she makes talking about sex ed less awkward than it tends to be with other people or in a school setting. She does not make any money from the videos she makes about LGBTQ+ sex ed so she really does not have to make them. She continues to make them in order to educate more people and she has a website set up where people can help support her in her goal to educate many more people.

Anyone can donate money to help her continue her work, any amount is accepted and the donation amount can be altered at any time. She encourages people to only donate what they can easily afford to and makes sure they know they can cancel their account at any time. The link to this website can be found in the description of her videos on her sex ed playlist on her channel.