I know and that there will be times where we all feel Lost in life, whether its career-wise or emotionally. The main reason people will have the feeling of being lost in life is their perception of time. I've young people say that they feel lost in life. Take a look at the grand scheme of things. The average life expectancy is 78.7 years. It is impossible to be genuinely lost when your life is only a quarter or even halfway through.

Main reasons you may feel lost

Realizing how much time can be left to you will help give you a more precise vision as to where you want to go.

Career-wise, some of us growing up, or even after college, may not know what we want to do with our lives. I didn't either. I grew up not knowing what I truly wanted to do as a career; I didn't even apply for any colleges because I didn't want to waste my money without also having an end goal. So I joined the navy, and one would think that after four years being trapped underwater, I could've come up with something. Nope! Though I don't regret the decision, the only thing I learned is that I didn't want to be on a submarine for another four years, so I got out.

What to do about it

When seeking what you genuinely want to do in life, you must find yourself and find your purpose and what you genuinely enjoy doing.

Simply put, take whatever you love doing, and find a way to monetize it. If it is a job that doesn't require a degree, like a doctor or a lawyer, don't think that you have to go back to school. Henry Ford didn't go past the sixth grade, Thomas Edison only had three months off formal education. No amount of schooling or college can guarantee to get you to where you want to be in life.

If you say you're in college or want to go, I'm not going to say 'no' or argue with you. I'm just saying there are other options. The greats have proven countless times that all it takes, is self-education, drive, creativity, and passion for something which you love. Now, being emotionally lost is a different story. Not knowing what do or where to turn can be one of life's most significant teachings.

We must realize that being lost is part of life.

Do not hide or run away from negative emotions; they are there to teach us something. Being lost in life is a sign to find yourself, the start of a new chapter. Do not stay on the same page, or go back to previous pages as you will only become more lost. Everything will be ok. You can do this. Turn the page, and find the greatness that awaits you. Always be in constant pursuit of creating the best version of yourself.