The patch notes for “Destiny 2’s” 3.0.2 update included reworks for both the Fragment Whisper of Fissures and the Shatterdive Stasis Aspect. These were supposed to be nerfed in the recent game tweak, though it may well seem that the changes are still not enough.

Still OP

If the YouTube channel Fallout Plays’ observations are anything to go by, the said ability sure does need another round of balancing. FP played around with the said aspect and was pretty much surprised with what he discovered. Albeit the supposed nerf, Shatterdive still one hits supers in “Destiny 2” as it showed on his video how he did such on one of his friends during a private match.

Further, he explained that the patch notes for the Whisper of Fissures mentioned a “reduced max/min damage vs. super players from 42-22 down to 16-2.” He assumed that what Bungie meant by it was the damage per broken crystal on Shatterdive. Upon observing, however, the damage was still higher than what was on the patch notes.

FP also ran some tests on the ranges while Shatterdiving on other players. He featured gameplay where he threw a Glacier Grenade a bit further from a Guardian, and still one slapped that player. He went on saying that it’s way more damage than he expected.

Standing strong

With that in mind, the content creator believes that something went wrong with the recent “Destiny 2” update as he featured another gameplay clip showing his proof.

Per the clip, of all the roaming supers he tested on, only the Behemoth Titan with Glacial Quake withstood the still OP’d Shatterdive. He even described the damage stats inflicted on the Titan as “laughably low damage” adding that those are the figures that were supposed to be seen across the board.

His take on this is that that patch on both the Shatterdive and Whisper was “somehow got borked” adding that the only super that exhibits the supposed changes on the patch was the Glacial Quake.

He said that “no other super should be getting instanuked by a Whisper Shatterdive,” though this doesn’t seem to be the case. As of writing, Bungie has yet to comment on this latest concern in the game.

Harbinger skip in 'Destiny 2'

In other “Destiny 2” happenings, a player may have just stumbled upon what was described as a Harbinger jump puzzle skip.” This was posted over on the Raid Secrets subreddit by u/StrikingMechanism, and this has been gaining quite the traction among Guardians.

The player claims to discover a spot near the beginning of the second half of the mission. The OP added that there’s a wall where players can squeeze their way through and according to him this leads directly to the boss. It seems to work on all classes and “Destiny 2” players won’t even miss any feathers. There’s even a short clip on how it’s done so might as well give it a try.