A couple of “Destiny 2” exploits have been stumbled upon by a known glitch seeker as he details how almost entirely to skip the Warrior Empire Hunt mission. The other is an exploit with the Hawkmoon Exotic that allows Guardians to double the handcannon’s Paracausal Shot perk.

95 percent of this 'Destiny 2' mission

According to the “Destiny 2” YouTuber Cheese Forever, the trick would allow Guardians to “avoid 95 percent of the enemies in all difficulties of the Warrior Empire Hunt with Phylaks,” adding that this should make the Master 1280 like a walk in the park.

He even claimed that the exploit also comes in handy when farming the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle and doing the Flawless Triumph.

His latest upload showed how it’s done as he provided a walkthrough on where to go while doing the exploit. Cheese even showed what he calls a “cheese spot” within the Well of Infinitude, where a Guardian can quickly shoot Phylaks without the Fallen shooting back.

Exploit with the Hawkmoon Exotic

As for the so-called “double Paracausal Shots,” Cheese noted that it’s a method to keep those powerful Hawkmoon shots whenever you miss the target and at the same time get a couple of those damage x7 bullets without losing nor gaining any stacks. According to him, there are two ways to “partially reload” the shots:

  • Lucky Pants – it loads into the Hawkmoon whenever “Destiny 2” players get a precision hit using an energy weapon. Cheese pointed out that it’s not a true reload, which means that Guardians can keep accumulating those Paracausal stacks until all seven are collected.

Be reminded, however, that this will not allow players to double up on Final Rounds as it only helps Guardians to reach max stacks if they miss easily.

  • The next method is what gives players two high-powered shots (wasting ammo). Further, he explained that if players have less than eight ammo in reserves, it will keep the damage stacks whenever players reload (true reload works here, so using abilities like the Marksman Dodge is advisable).

To quickly use up ammo, just switch to a weapon with a Drop Mag perk.

Fire a shot and reload until the ammo runs low. Equip the Hawkmoon, then use the remaining ammo until it reaches eight in the mag and one on the reserve. Another way to use/waste ammo is through the use of special ammo weapons (like Hawthorne’s shotgun). Just fire a shot and switch to Hawkmoon.

As of writing, both the cheeses mentioned above can still be replicated in “Destiny 2.” The YouTuber even mentioned in his Hawkmoon video that the said trick “was definitely overlooked by Bungie.”

Now that it’s out in the open, it’s only a matter of time before the developer notices it and eventually roll out fixes.