Destiny 2’s” 3.0.2 update is now live, and it has brought in a new mission (Harbinger Mission) for Guardians who availed the ongoing Season of the Hunt. Just a few hours in, exploits/glitches have been discovered in the game as one of them allowed players to infinitely farm the Hawkmoon Exotic.

Hawkmoon farming in 'Destiny 2'

Reddit user RiseofBacon posted this over on the Raid Secrets subreddit, claiming that it will allow players to acquire those random rolls of the hand cannon without the weekly lockout. By simply not picking up the Bird of Prey quest, Guardians can farm the Hawkmoon as many times as they please.

The catch to this “Destiny 2” exploit is that this is account-wide, meaning if you already picked up the mission in any of your characters, it will no longer work.

D2” glitch seeker Cheese Forever explains that since it hasn’t picked up yet, the game will think that you’re doing the Hawkmoon for the first time. Those who have already picked up the quest need not fret as there’s another method in farming the Exotic.

The other method

Per Cheese’s video, the other way of doing it will be a handful since it will include a part where you have to delete a character in one’s account. The first is to pick up the mission from The Crow. Next is to delete and create a new character, and that’s it (take off the items equipped before deletion).

Pretty much an impractical and time-consuming method, to say the least. This would be an option, though, for those “Destiny 2” players who were unaware of the first method and for those who want to get a Hawkmoon god roll.

Aside from farming the Exotic, it was also mentioned that players could also get unlimited Paracausal Feathers.

This means that Guardians who’ll be taking this strenuous route of the exploit can get the Radiant Accipiter (Hawkmoon ship) way earlier (it’s scheduled for next week).

As for the ship’s description, it reads, “A paracausal ship. That’s a new one. No navigation system, no controls, no computer on account of it responding directly to your thoughts.

Not much to tinker under the hood. Mostly because... there ain’t no hood, neither.” Another “Destiny 2” YouTuber – HOUNDISH – believes that the ship could be powered entirely by The Traveler, but this has yet to be seen.

Arbalest one-shots

Meanwhile, another Reddit post also gained quite the traction over on the Destiny the Game subreddit as it provided a tip in soloing the Harbinger quest. According to u/neck_crow, the Exotic Kinetic linear fusion rifle Arbalest can one-shot all shields in the said mission. The OP further explained that the weapon allows players “to cover all shields without swapping weapons as well as be decent for ranged damage.” This will come in handy to Guardians who have slow loading times and could not swap weapons during battle.