Destiny 2” has gone through a lot via its Beyond Light expansion. Activities (campaigns, raids, and missions) got quite the overhaul during this game segment as the FPS’ player base has mixed opinions. With that in mind, more tweaks are expected from Bungie as one of them could be the introduction of more solo contents in their first-person shooter if Cozmo’s Reddit response is anything to go by.

A 'Destiny 2' player's pitch

Reddit user ZombieHellDog’s post over on r/DestinyTheGame has been getting a lot of attention from his fellow Guardians where he pitched in the said idea.

Per his post, the player noted that since he finds the 1250 Lost Sector challenging, he believes that Bungie could expand it “an absolute f**k ton if the developer were to add “if solo” rewards on certain activities."

The OP further explained if such an idea comes to fruition in “Destiny 2’s” upcoming season, he suggested that Guardians who’ll run solos “get a guaranteed double drop of the Strike-specific weapon” or something similar to that. He also stated this idea of his is not everyone’s cup of tea which is completely understandable. However, he pointed out that this is how some of the Guardians enjoy the game, and it needs some support from “D2’s” player base. He went on to note that as one of the players who prefer setting out in the game on their own, he prefers to have at least some variety in the game “other than a five-minute Lost Sector.”

Cozmo's down with it

Bungie’s Lead Community Manager – Cozmo took notice of the said post and completely agree with what the OP posted about soloing Dungeons and the likes.

That said, he went on assuring the OP that his pitch will be brought up to the dev team as “Destiny 2” players would like to see more of it in the game.

Farming those Hawkmoons

Meanwhile, players are now running that Hawkmoon mission in hopes of getting the god roll they’ve been looking for.

It looks like “Destiny 2” players may already have figured out how to farm it without getting restricted to two rolls per character per week.

According to Reddit user harbind2, after completing the Bird of Prey quest, players will be getting one Hawkmoon for each completion without getting locked out to just two per week per character.

There seems to be a catch on this one, however. It was observed by the OP that if one of your characters received an x2 drop of the Exotic on a single run, there’s a possibility that the said character will be locked out for that week. The “Destiny 2” player claims to have experienced it on his Hunter, and no longer got a drop after that. Both on his Warlock and Titan, however, they continued to get Hawkmoons for each run.