Just a few more weeks to go, and "Destiny 2" will be delving into Season 13 (believed to be dubbed "Season of the Chosen"), through its gaming community is not too happy with what's ahead of them. Guardians' hard-earned loot will be wiped out for those not in the loop due to the sunsetting feature that Bungie's about to implement. Another thing that caught players' ire for quite a while now is the rampant cheating within the space shooter, making them feel that the game maker is not doing anything about it.

'Destiny 2' streamer's really asking for it

A recent "Destiny 2" stream over on Twitch caught the attention of several content creators as it showed a player blatantly cheating in-game. "D2" YouTuber and streamer Luckyy 10P even described it as "cheaters trying to speedrun getting banned as fast as possible." He also noticed that the said cheater is playing with another player who's using his name, to which he immediately clarified that it wasn't him.

Per the clip, it can be heard that the player in question (name withheld to prevent him from gaining further clout) is begging Bungie to stop him adding that the game's got folks like him playing "D2." The player went on saying, "you're not going to stop me; that's the sad thing," and "it's the only game that I want to cheat on."

There's also a part in the video where the cheater pulls up the cheat tool that he's using, minus the worry of him getting banned by Bungie.

When recording the clip, Luckyy mentioned that the cheater played for quite a while now using that account, though he pointed out that the player's other account was banned prior. The YouTuber also revealed that the cheater has been referencing his main "Destiny 2" account. He added that the player would definitely catch the ire of the player base once it is disclosed.

This may well seem to suggest that the player could have been cheating on that account of his and most likely to have snagged several Flawless wins with the help of those cheat tools.

'Doesn't even care'

Another "Destiny 2" YouTuber – SayWallahBruh – also happened to catch the cheater's Twitch stream as he made a rant video about it stating that "Bungie doesn't even care." He said that it has been going on in the game for over a year now that he has grown tired of those types of players and eventually channeled all his frustrations towards the developer.

He said, "the fact that there's literally zero anti-cheat whatsoever, I know people think that there might be, but how does the game not detect that you're shooting a million rockets every millisecond." Wallah went on saying, "I don't know what type of anti-cheat like some six-year-old typed up, but it's not working whatsoever."

'Sad state'

Both Wallah and Luckyy seem to agree that "Destiny 2" is in a sad state as of late with all the hackers and cheaters plaguing the game. The latter even mentioned that he hadn't seen anything like it in any PvP titles adding that "Bungie's poor anti-cheat is ushering in a new era of cheaters inside "Destiny 2."

With that in mind, the game maker should impose tougher sanctions on these wrongdoers within the title.

Also, Bungie should reconsider the idea of sunsetting weapons and armor pieces that Guardians spent countless hours just to get them. Otherwise, things are pretty bleak this year for the entire "Destiny 2" community.