The Stormcaller’s Chaos Reach super can surely pack a punch as it allows Guardians to unleash a powerful beam of concentrated Arc energy. It looks like this Warlock ability isn’t working as intended in “Destiny 2” as players discovered something nasty about it.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Luckyy 10P recently uploaded a short clip about detailing how OP the Warlock super is. In the video, he revealed that the super can actually go through walls and eliminate whoever’s behind it. He pointed out, though, that it only works on thin walls just like what he featured on his minute-long clip.

According to him, he started noticing the number of “Destiny 2” players using the Warlock alongside the Chaos Reach. He soon got his answer as he became the receiving end of the said glitch. Luckyy said that some of the players believe that the ability got buffed, but it’s actually not the case. As of writing, Bungie has yet to address this emerging issue within the game.

The Titans have their own glitch as well as it was brought to light by a player who goes by the handle Rev22. Cheese Forever uploaded a video about it as he mentioned that it has some similarity to an old glitch with the Warlock. As for the glitch, it allows “Destiny 2” players to freeze smaller enemies for as long as they want.

To replicate it, you must have your Stasis super placed on Titan and pullout your Sparrow (can also work on other vehicles in “D2”). Jump off from it, perform your super and hop back onto your Sparrow. The goal of it is to cancel the super’s animation and still get its freeze effect for activating the super. The YouTuber mentioned that the trick comes in handy whenever players run some bounties, Europa Challenges, quest triumphs, and even on the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Meanwhile, over on Bungie, the developer has recently teamed up with another dev - Riot Games - as they filed a lawsuit against a cheat software maker after it was learned to have been producing hacks for both “Destiny 2” and “Valorant.” According to Polygon, both developers filed a complaint on Friday at the Central District of California court against GatorCheats’ Cameron Santos for allegedly “trafficking in a portfolio of malicious cheats and hacks.”

The website also noted that Santos and staff members of the said cheat maker have been selling their cheats through their website and other channels like Discord, Telegram, and even via email.

It was also mentioned that this cheat software can be used by players minus the worry of getting caught by both Bungie and Riot.

Accessing the cheats does not come cheap, though as it ranges from $90 to $500 per month. That said, it is believed that GatorCheats could have already raked in tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Per Bungie and Riot, the damages could pile up to millions of dollars as they are now looking to shutdown GatorCheat’s operation. Polygon even managed to get a copy of the complaint as part of it reads, “the cheating software enables players to manipulate “Valorant” and “Destiny 2” to their personal advantage, such as by automatically aiming weapons, revealing locations of opponents, and allowing the player to see a vast array of information that otherwise would be obscured.”