By now, a lot of Guardians may already have completed the Hawkmoon quest and acquired the returning Exotic handcannon in “Destiny 2.” One of the weapon’s perks is called the Paracausal Shot where both final blows and precision hits with the Exotic will give stacks of Paracausal Charge. That said, it looks like players may have found a new glitch involving the Exotic and its Intrinsic perk.

Hawkmoon's perk

The Reddit post from user TheVizWiz suggests that there’s a way to store that Paracausal Charge on the last bullet. Per the OP, the trick can be done by simply switching guns in the middle of a super’s animation, though it was pointed out that it’s still uncertain what other supers would work with the exploit.

The player observed, however, that the glitch “seems to work with any non-roaming/shutdown supers with cast animation” adding that the Warlock’s Well of Radiance “is the most likely candidate.” This alongside a link to a clip showing the glitch.

The OP claimed to have tried it on finishers since according to the player it “would be much more consistent and usable functionality than burning a super just to store an extra charge.” Unfortunately, this “Destiny 2” glitch does not work with any of the finishers as the OP added that it will put you back in first person before switching weapons regardless of the input’s order. It was not mentioned if the glitch will work on Titans and Hunters so you can go ahead and try this one out.

The zero power Engram glitch

There’s also this glitch in the game that whenever an Exotic Engram goes straight to the Postmaster, some of them will show zero power. As of writing, it’s yet to be known as to why this is happening. “Destiny 2” YouTuber Cheese Forever stated that this glitch would definitely be an issue when Guardians turn in Lost Sectors and Milestones.

In line with this, another “D2” content creator – MoreConsole – encountered the said glitch. In his recent upload, he opened some of these Engrams and got Enhancement Cores including one normal Engram. With that in mind, it is best to make sure that the Engram slots are not full.

Upcoming seasons in 'Destiny 2'

Good ol’ Papa Console also mentioned of the upcoming seasons of “Destiny 2” to which according to him got leaked:

  • Season 13 – dubbed “Season of the Chosen” - is said to be a few months away as the YouTuber claims that Guardians will be getting three new Exotic armor and nine new Legendary weapons. He also stated that three of these weapons will be exclusive to “Destiny 2’s” Nightfall Strikes (Shadow Price Auto Rifle, the Palindrome Handcannon, and The Swarm Heavy Machine Gun). The Devils’ Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strikes are also said to be returning.
  • Season 14’s title is yet to be revealed, but it is believed that it will be the season where the “Destiny 2” community will finally be getting the armor transmog system.
  • As for “The Witch Queen” (2021) and “Lightfall” (2022) expansions, Bungie stated that both expansions will be getting more weapons than “Shadowkeep” and “Beyond Light.”

A lot of stuff to look forward to in “Destiny 2.” Let’s just hope everything turns out smoothly by the time the new contents are rolled out.