The “Call of Duty: Warzone” community is pretty much upset with what happened to the six-year-old streamer known as RowdyRogan after his account was permanently banned on the live stream while playing the BR title. The hashtag “FreeRogan” gained traction on social media as people demand the kid’s account to be reinstated. There are some, however, who believe that what happened to the kid was faked.

RowdyRogan's ban in 'Warzone'

A minute-long clip of the incident has gone viral online, and as of writing, has amassed over 700,000 views on Twitter.

Alongside it was a tweet stating that they “are currently trying to handle the situation” and will keep the fans updated if something comes up. Per the video, it can be seen that both the young “Warzone” streamer and his dad were shocked at what just happened. The poor kid was so upset that he sought comfort from his dad. The dad can even be heard saying, “you can’t be for real right now,” before making a promise to his streamer son that they’ll “gonna get it back,” adding that there’s “gotta be a mistake.”

The reason is still unclear

The reason for Rogan’s permanent ban is still yet to be determined, though many believe that it could be due to his age.

However, Forbes pointed out that there seems to be a part within the Terms of Service that players who are under the age of 13 can still play “Warzone” provided that there’s parental supervision to which the young streamer and his dad are doing. The publication also theorized that the TOS violation could’ve “come if Rogan’s father signed up for his account” since the streamer is still underage.

Others believing it's fake

Another theory is suggesting that the permaban on Rogan’s “Warzone” account might be staged. This after Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) from the Esports Talk YouTube channel tweeted that the eSport team FaZe Clan has this so-called FaZe5 challenge adding that its final step is to have a video go viral.

Lucky also uploaded a video over on his channel tackling the issue alongside a longer version of Rogan’s stream.

It shows the events before the ban where a part of it featured the stream getting paused momentarily (both went on a bathroom break).

Per the YouTuber, he “finds it incredibly hard to believe that it’s a real ban.” Lucky also noticed Rogan’s mom asking the dad to turn off the stream, but he’s not ruling out that the permaban was real. He also said that if the young “Warzone” streamer’s goal was to make a viral video, he said that Rogan already succeeded in doing so.

It’s still uncertain as to whether Rogan’s “Warzone” account will be unbanned or not. As for the internet folks, some want the account to be up and running once again. Others believe that the permanent suspension of the streamer’s account was the right thing to do.