Things are not looking good in “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Worthy as players expressed their frustrations about the game’s loot and its activities. Just like any other seasons, Worthy also brought in several bugs and glitches that caught the ire of the community. An issue that’s been blowing up was the one in Gambit where it can just boot out a Guardian for some reason.

‘Destiny 2’s’ Gambit bug

The post from Reddit user u/MrFOrzum has been getting some attention over on r/DestinyTheGame as it discussed the above-mentioned problem with Gambit. The OP claims that the game mode is broken, explaining that at any moment during the game, players can either get kicked out from it or win the match whenever a Guardian levels up his season pass.

Further, he also stated that about one to three players get booted out in the process, not to mention that these players are suspended mid-air for a few seconds whenever they respawn.

MrFOrzum also claims to receive some intel from fellow “Destiny 2” players that the bug is also happening on other activities in the game. He believes that if such a thing happens to Trials of Osiris, it will be pushed back next weekend or else there will be disconnections left and right.

Bungie’s Community Manager, Dmg said that they’ve been seeing the issue also being brought to light within the help forums adding that the dev team is now looking at it. As a result, he recently took to Twitter to announce that they’ve disabled restrictions for disconnections in Gambit adding that they’re still assessing the frequency of the bug’s occurrences.

Raiju’s Harness disabled

Speaking of stuff getting disabled in “Destiny 2,” Bungie also tweeted that they’ve just disabled the recently released Exotic Chest Piece – Raiju's Harness.

This came after they identified an issue with the armor that enables the wearer to perform an infinite Whirlwind Guard.

Another Arcstrider bug

Another Reddit user – u/tino125 posted the same concern, though highlighted another emerging issue on the Hunter’s Arcstrider subclass.

Per the post, the OP noted that it is bugged as it “refunds super energy when killed in super, an all trees, or without the new Exotic.” He also pointed out that one of the clips on his post shows one player not wearing the now disabled Exotic, but they still got a full bar of super upon respawn. He even asked about a bug fix for the “Sentinel hit registration and not suppressing properly.”

Cozmo replied that they are now looking into it, though he stated that they were not able to reproduce the glitch when the Raiju’s Harness armor is not equipped. It looks like they want more video evidence about it to which the OP complied.