Destiny 2’s” Season of the Hunt is well underway and just announced the next-gen update for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles alongside the much-awaited return of the Exotic hand cannon – the Hawkmoon. With that in mind, someone claims to have stumbled upon the spot where to farm the returning weapon’s random rolls.

Farming Hawkmoon's random rolls in 'Destiny 2'

“D2” YouTuber Cheese Forever just uploaded a short clip showing how it’s done. He said, however, that the mission leading to that will be a bit tougher as he mentioned modifiers to be added to it.

Also, he believes that it might be a “weekly rotating burn.”

He also observed a couple of things when it was done with a fellow Guardian. Cheese claims that passing on the relic ball would charge it into a corrupted one. They also had to stasis kill the Knights while in their immune states.

Stacking up

Reddit user LourTourette, on the other hand, checked on the viability of the “Destiny 2” iteration of the Hawkmoon. His post on r/DestinyTheGame suggests that at seven stacks, the Exotic dealt more than 18 times the damage of a single shot in PvE.

The OP detailed the amount of damage dealt by the weapon according to the number of stacks.

The stats that were produced was done on a Fallen Wrathborn on the Tangled Shore minus the buff.

Getting the Exotic

As for those who have yet to acquire the Hawkmoon, below are the steps on how to get it (credits to u/albatkross0108):


  • Get the quest from Spider. You are then required to obtain the five feathers on these locations on the map.

-Tangled shore at the cave entrance of Spider’s lair.

-The Sludge in the EDZ (on top of a ruined building)

-The Cosmodrome (right above the fast travel node at the Steppes

-The Dreaming City (it’s at the left side at the first gateway before entering the Blind Well)

-The Moon (head over to Archer’s line, then Hall of Wisdom, and to the Shrine of Oryx)

The feather’s on the left side of the broken shrine.


  • Complete the Cry from Beyond mission in The Sludge. Pick up the effigy and head back to the Crow.
  • Collect Orbs of Power. Go back to the Crow once it is met.
  • Head back to the EDZ in Trostland to investigate more feathers.
  • Go to The Reservoir and acquire five more feathers before returning to the Crow.
  • Next is to defeat either 34 Champions or 200 Guardians in Crucible or Gambit.
  • Complete the Crow and Hawk mission in the EDZ
  • Defeat Taken.

“Destiny 2” players may also refer to Datto’s recent video on how to get the Hawkmoon.

As for the Exotic’s ornament – On Ashen Wings, it’s priced at 700 silver on Eververse. It’s pretty similar to the weapon's base model, except that it comes in black alongside some details on the hand cannon's side.