Call of Duty: Warzone’s” Juggernaut Killstreak has grown to become a real pain in the butt for its massive playerbase, not to mention the previously discovered exploit that allowed players to clone the suit as many times as they please. That said, there’s another reason to despise it in the BR shooter as a new glitch has been stumbled upon involving the infamous item in the game.

Another Juggin' glitch in 'Warzone'

A short clip of the latest Jug glitch has been shared over on the CODWarzone subreddit by user Null_Pointer_32. Per the video, the player crouch directly to where the supply was supposed to drop.

It can be observed that the player glitched his way through the crate as if he’s inside a cage. The player is now immune to any damage as it is also shown that the glitched player was able to eliminate several players that went to the drops location.

The downside, however, according to Dexerto is that players who’ll replicate this exploit will be unable to move. Also, it is probable that they will eventually get eliminated to the gas, but will be stacking up elims before it happens.

Players' ire

The OP has been getting some heat over on Reddit after sharing the said clip. One player commented, “playing Juggernaut, glitching inside Juggernaut, broken R-90 shotgun, you’re the type of player everybody hates.”

As of writing, Infinity Ward has yet to comment about this recently discovered Jug glitch in “Warzone.” Let’s just hope that everything gets straightened out before the BR title’s crossover with “Black Ops: Cold War” Season One goes live this December 16.

'Warzone x Cold War's' Resurgence

As for “Warzone” x “Cold War’s” incoming season, players will be treated to a brand-new game mode dubbed “Resurgence.” Charlie Intel noted that it has a unique set of rules making it stand out among other game modes.

Resurgence will be following the last man/squad objective so “Warzone” players will have to eliminate other players. The interesting part about this mode is that whenever you eliminate an opponent, you’ll be gaining intel regarding the location of the opponent’s remaining squad members.

Another notable feature - “Warzone” players will have to wait for the “Rebirth Countdown” to reach zero since Gulag is not accessible.

As soon as it does, the surviving squad members will be getting back their eliminated teammates.

With that in mind, players can continuously locate the opposing team’s location provided that they constantly eliminate players of that team. Otherwise, keep a watchful eye and try not to get your team wiped before the Rebirth Countdown is up.

This new “Warzone” game mode is quite similar to “Blackout’s” Alcatraz map minus those rampaging hordes of zombies. What do you think about this new Resurgence mode? Give it a try as soon as the new season drops.