ARK: Survival Evolved’s” sequel - “ARK II” - just came out of nowhere during this year’s The Game Awards, not to mention that actor Vin Diesel will be part of the pre-historic themed survival game. Another thing to look forward to is the game’s animated series, which was also revealed during the event. Game developer Studio Wildcard made a blog post providing some intel tidbits on both the upcoming game and the series.

'ARK II' and 'ARK: The Animated Series' tidbits

The said post revealed that the “Fast and Furious” star joined the studio as President of Creative Convergence and Executive Producer of both the game sequel and its animated series.

Also, the “ARK” community by now is well-acquainted with the fact that the actor will be the game’s main character – Santiago.

The story and its star-studded cast

As for “ARK: The Animated Series,” the show will follow the story of the Australian paleontologist Helena Walker. It was noted that she wakes up in the ARK after the tragedy as the protagonist will have to find new allies and survive the ruthless world that she’s in. Additionally, it will be noticeable to Survivors the lore's numerous aspects, including “new depth and development to familiar characters.” Helena Walker will be voiced by the Australian actress Madeleine Madden. Joining Madden and Diesel on the said project are equally talented artists who include:

  • Karl Urban plays as a recent square-jawed ARK arrival named Bob.
  • Michelle Yeoh as Meiyin Li who’s a third-century Chinese rebel leader and known as the “Beast Queen.”
  • Ron Yuan as the Beast Queen’s brother Han Li
  • Alan Tudyk plays a “crusty buccaneer” known as “The Captain,” where he sails the ARK's dangerous waters.
  • Gerard Butler as the ancient Roman tyrant – General Gaius Marcellus Nerva.
  • Cissy Jones plays a commander in Nerva’s army known as The Gladiatrix.
  • Ragga Ragnars as a 10th century Viking warlord named Queen Sigrid.
  • Deborah Mailman plays as the mother of Helena Walker and a 21st-century Aboriginal Australian activist.
  • Elliot Page as Helena Walker’s wife and humanitarian aid worker Victoria Walker.
  • David Tennant as a 19th-century scientist with dark ambitions – Sir Edmund Rockwell.
  • Russell Crowe as the “dino-whisperer” Kor the Prophet.
  • Jeffrey Wright as a spy and 18th-century watchmaker Henry Townsend.
  • Juliet Mills as the healer and village councilmember named Chava.
  • Zahn McClarnon as a Lakota warrior and leader of a thriving community in ARK named Thunder Comes Charging.
  • Malcolm McDowell plays a “manipulative aristocrat” during Caesar Augustus’ reign named Senator Lucius Cassius Virillis.
  • Devery Jacobs as a 17th-century Inuit teen named Alasie.

A 2022 launch

ARK: The Animated Series,” according to the post, currently has 14 30-minute episodes and has two seasons that are currently in the production process. There’s no definite date for the game and the series’ release, but the studio targets a 2022 launch for the latter.