The Raid map has grown to become one of the fan-favorites since its introduction in 2012 through “Call of Duty Black Ops 2.” The “CoD” playerbase has been musing about its return in the franchise's recent titles, and it may well seem that their wishes have been granted.

Raid in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War'

“Call of Duty” dataminer @BlackOpsLeaks recently made a tweet claiming that Raid will be “back for Season 1.” This alongside the string of characters “s1_mp_raid_tu_cairo” noting that it was already spotted in the game files. He pointed out, though, that such a leak has to be taken lightly, but this is awesome intel provided that Treyarch confirms it.

Dexerto, on the other hand, noticed that the key line has the word “Cairo” on it which is the Egyptian capital. For the uninitiated, the original Raid map was situated in Los Angeles. If the new version of the map will be set in a different location, the publication believes that “it could have a fresh coat of paint to fit the locale.”

More maps on the way

Prior to this, @BlackOpsLeaks also made several tweets as it featured what could be upcoming maps for “CoD Black Ops Cold War” Season 1.

Unfortunately, the screenshots were taken down by the dataminer due to DMCA as he revealed that other leakers have been getting “threatening emails from Activision.”

The screenshot consists of four images that were somewhat glued together. The first of four seems to resemble a production set of a TV program while the next looks like a subway alongside some old luggage.

The third photo is similar to that of a rocket silo and the last one looks like a library or a spacious office space complete with huge shelves.

Christmas-themed Nuketown

A couple more images were also dug up by dataminer @CODColdWarNewz, as one of them shows an outdoor view of a mall dubbed “Mall at the Pines.” The other photo was a Christmas-themed version of the Nuketown ‘84 map.

The yet to be released reskin of Nuketown was stumbled upon by a “Call of Duty” player through a glitch in line with this. @WarzoneNewz’ tweet featured the gameplay in question. Although the clip is laggy, Holiday décoration can still be observed, including a huge red Christmas tree.

Treyarch has yet to comment about the recent “Call of Duty” leaks that seeped through the cracks. VGR noted, however, that the decorated variant of Nuketown could be either rolled out in “Cold War’s” upcoming season, or the developer might introduce it for a limited time later this month. The publication added that @CODColdWarNewz mentioned a “horror-themed cosmetic skin” that is presumed to be a Tier 100 skin for “CoD Cold War’s” Battle Pass, including a game mode dubbed “Dropkick.”

For now, the “Call of Duty” community has to wait a few more days to verify if the above-mentioned leaks are legit. That said, one should take it with some pinches of salt.