Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s” perk – the Flak Jacket - has grown to become one of the most talked-about as it can withstand almost all the explosive devices in the roster of the recently released “CoD” title. This has irked a lot from the game’s playerbase resulting in them requesting developers to do something about it. It looks like folks over at Treyarch have heard them and may well seem to be heeding the call with that in mind.

'Black Ops Cold War' players want it toned down a bit

A recent Reddit post from u/Cepheagle gained quite the traction over on the “Black Ops Cold War” subreddit as it tackled the perk in question.

The player noted that the “Flak Jacket shouldn’t make you immune to direct hits with explosives. Further, the Reddit user stated that if a player gets hit dead-on, that player should be eliminated instantly, adding that a direct hit takes skill.

Treyarch's response

Treyarch Community Manager Josh Torres (a.k.a. u/foxhoundFPS) took notice of it and revealed that there were already talks about the Flak Jacket. He went on stating that they’ve seen posts about the said “BOCW” perk and are well-aware that they (players) are “not pleased with the ‘gaps,’” though he pointed out that he can only speak to the things that he can speak to.

Unlike most “Call of Duty” players think, the developer has already set its crosshairs on the perk issue.

Albeit the response is pretty vague, it is rest assured that they’re already working on a fix.

The 'Warzone' Jugs

Call of Duty: Warzone” folks, on the other hand, have vented their frustrations on the equally overpowered Juggernaut suit.

Aside from the fact that it can take an insane amount of beating, the armor also comes with a minigun.

Dexerto made a tweet asking “Warzone” players, “should the Juggernaut be removed” from the BR shooter. The answer was pretty obvious as they responded that the infamous suit is taken out from the game. This, alongside their reasons why it needs to go.

The recent Jug bug made the situation even worse. It turns out, the Firesale in “Warzone” that pops up randomly will allow the Juggernaut wearer to acquire that one free item at the Buy Station as many as the player wishes.

Reddit user u/TarleenGG came across with the exploit as he claims to have redeemed a heap of self-revives. The player even posted a screenshot of the said exploit.

Season 1 delayed

Meanwhile, the latest “Call of Duty” blog post announced that the supposed December 10 launch of ”Warzone” Season 1 of “Black Ops Cold War” had been moved to December 16.

Per the developer’s statement, it is due to the “unprecedented amount of free content,” adding that the dev team is “prepping for the biggest Season 1 launch week ever seen.”

The announcement's image may well seem to be hinting at a new map as it shows the words “Rebirth Island.” Datamined files suggest that the new content could be a reskin of Alcatraz in “Blackout.”