Last week, Studio Wildcard published a Community Crunch blog post where they teased an upcoming “ARK: Genesis” item known as the Magmasaur Saddle. With that in mind, the developer rolled out their weekly blog post a few days ago where they featured another tool in “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” next big expansion.

The Mining Drill

As always, the image is a bit messed up to keep players guessing. There were some, however, who got the chance to watch Wildcard’s Extra Life charity, livestream, and have already figured out what the “mysterious” item is.

Earlier this month, the YouTube channel, Jade PG, uploaded a recap video about the charity event where he detailed the things that were revealed by Wildcard.

If his video is anything to go by, the tool that’s being teased, as of late, is called the Mining Drill (not a Tek Mining Drill according to him). He believes that Wildcard may have got the idea from Snail Games’ “Pixark” or the other way around.

He said there are players who are a bit worried that the upcoming harvesting tool could be replacing some of the dinosaurs like the Anky (Ankylosaurus) in the game. A number of items that were revealed have been found to have more uses, so, Survivors won’t be relying much on dinos. The YouTuber said that the Mining Drill will be running on both gasoline and sulfur as it will obviously allow players to get more in-game resources (presumably metal, stone, and a so-called “Mature Element Node”).

The downside, however, is that it overheats so Survivors need to be mindful when using it.

Other stuff revealed during Extra Life

For the uninitiated, several items have been revealed during the Extra Life charity event.

One of these includes the TEK Shoulder Cannon which is similar to the one donned by the Predator and, according to Jade, the new weapon seems to be a bit overpowered. As the name suggests, it will be fitted on the shoulder of a Survivor and is likely to arrive with various firing modes (normal fire, rapid-fire, and sniper).

The YouTuber added that the upcoming weapon will be firing automatically as there will be a radius that can detect enemies in which players can also set.

In line with this, the Cruise Missile Weapon was also revealed. Its description reads, “with remote-controlled shoulder missile that can be written on, you’re able to do that quite literally.” It went on stating that if the message “doesn’t go through,” players can just hop on the missile to deliver it personally.

A couple of creatures were also featured during the livestream which include the Magmasaur that has the ability to do molten fireball attacks. The alien-looking Bloodstalker creature, on the other hand, has the ability to produce and excrete sticky vines to swing into safety which is similar to what Spider-Man does.