Epic Games has effected considerable changeover with its update for "Fortnite" Chapter 2 Season 2. It also happens to be a substantial overhaul since October when Epic Games closed the shooter down for a couple of days as a part of its End Event. After months of waiting, the second season is finally here. Epic Games have introduced a spooky and James Bond-like secret agent theme to its Battle Royale game. Mysterious elements introduced include ultra-secret hideouts and some hardware, which are usually seen with the super spy like stealthy grenades and a lot of codes to be deciphered before the secret agents can locate the top-secret hideouts.

The updates for season 2 started from Thursday, and the island is crawling with operatives from Ghost and Shadow, who have assumed control of the entire island. There are arrays of weapons to choose which includes the Minigun, Drum Gun and Heavy Sniper Rifle. With a brand new physics engine, Epic has given a virtual facelift with loads of map changes, tweaked weapons and much more.

Watch Ninja playing 'Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2'


The game will now feature raptors for transport, something which was long suspected from a series of leaks in the media. However, the copters are not visible in the trailers, and we are keeping our fingers crossed on that.

Players can get into the roles of sleuths

Players in Fortnite can now represent different roles depending upon the agency they have chosen.

Players will have to complete their mission on a limited time scale. The two agencies are Ghost and shadow. There are a few new things that players can try when it comes to character customization. The two agencies –Ghost and Shadow, also features several variants that players can unlock as per their taste. However, make sure you choose the one you like since the changeover is permanent, and you will have to stick with it for the rest of the game.

New skins

The new skins which have been introduced include Peely the banana complete in a tuxedo, which is so close-fitting that it could explode at any minute.

Als included is a cat thug named Meowscles who is synonymous with traits of its genre- stealthy moves that are flowing and almost resembles a footloose type jig.

It looks like the following weapons will be available as mythic versions of standard armaments in Fortnite.

Weapons in Season 2

    • Brutus' Minigun
    • Meowscle's Peow Peow Rifle
    • Midas' Drum Gun
    • Sneaky Snowman V2
    • Invisibility Powerup
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Cool Carpet
    • ID Scanner
    • Security Turret #Fortnite
    • Skye's Assault Rifle
    • Trina's Ka-Boom Bow
    • Sword

Chapter 2 was opened in October after staying in limbo for a couple of days. Right since the break, we have heard about mass changes incorporated in its franchise, which included a brand new island and a complete changeover from the original theme and story.

The new peninsula saw the hosting of a Halloween event along with the guest appearance of Star Wars director J.J. Abrams, Rickrolls, and new getups based on popular streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.