Epic Games, the creators of "Fortnite," have rolled out the latest update a.k.a v11.50 "Fortnite" and as widely rumored in gaming circles has finally unveiled its Unreal Engine's Chaos physics system. Epic also hinted that there is much more to come, and according to Games Radar, something big is happening in the Love and War Valentine's event.

New Valentine's Day event

The current iteration of Chapter 2, Season 1, is to remain for the full quarter of 2020. Players are already getting bored with the game, and Epic knows this pretty well. It could be the reason for Epic delaying season II until February 20.

The developers are also working overtime to introduce a new event and give the players something new to chew on. So we can expect Epic is making full advantage of the sentiments for the upcoming Valentine Day celebration by adding blobs of love and romance to the game, unique challenges, with some Valentines-themed cosmetic items thrown in.

v11.50 'Fortnite' update gives players a free run

There is still more news following the game's new physics engine in the v11.50 update, and players can just walk through walls at will, courtesy of a recently discovered bug.

What puts "Fortnite" a class apart is the freedom it gives its players to build structures with a strategic advantage, and this gives them that tactical headstart to keep them at the top. Twitter user Jahlynz discovered and shared the chink in the armor and stunned "Fortnite" fans, sending them into a tizzy.

The exploit was also proved by a video of the trick and left the players a free run through the walls without any hindrance.

The latest discovery will have a huge effect on the final outcome of the game. We also have users confirming that the trick works equally well with cones. The "Fortnite" patch v11.50 patch released last week involved some significant changes, and this glitch could be attributed to the new game physics engine. It will be only a matter of time before Epic fixes this aberration.

Harley Quinn skin inventory becomes bigger

The v11.50 update has been the most talked-about update and brings with it major changes, and Epic set the ball rolling with the crossover event starting on Thursday, February 6. There are many additions in the inventory of the Harley Quinn skin in the item shop with many new styles to choose from. However, these styles can be yours only if you can accomplish certain challenges. No details have been forthcoming from Epic Games about the price tag of the skins, but players are already crying for the new skins regardless of the cost, proving that they have become very popular.

What is new this time?

The "Fortnite" patch gives players much more than just a few new skins.

There is much to satiate the hunger of "Fortnite" game lovers. Just before the Fortnite Chapter season II release date, we have the news of another movie tie-in. The upcoming "Fortnite" Birds of Prey event could see Epic Games getting involved in another new flick featuring the famous femme Fatales from DC.