Bungie recently rolled out what “Destiny 2” players deem as the shortest Exotic quest to date which is for the Leviathan’s Breath heavy bow. Come next week, “D2” Season Pass holders will be treated with another Exotic quest that is the bugged machine gun known as Xenophage. The developer also published their latest "This Week at Bungie" blog where they detailed a new game mode in the game including this year’s Festival of the Lost. They also addressed other concerns being raised by their player base which include the 2.0 Solstice armor and discussions about Ghosts.

On Solstice armor

Reddit user u/Some_Italian_Guy made a post, over on r/DestinyTheGame, that has gained some traction among fellow “D2” players. According to him, he’s “fairly annoyed” that the game’s Solstice armor sets got some poor stats on it, adding that Bungie did it on purpose. The OP even went on to state that it’s like a “slap in the face” knowing the amount of grind time players spent only to acquire the gear having poor stats.

Community Manager Dmg (who recently returned from sickbay) responded to this, revealing that they previously had talked about “how to respect the time players put into earning the sets.” He also clarified that there was no intention of giving the armor sets with poor stats, though they also discussed that it’s not appropriate to release those gears already donning maxed out stats off the bat.

He further explained that doing such would reduce players’ motivation to grind for new armor pieces or participate in some of “Destiny 2’s’ more challenging activities in search of better roles. Dmg went on assuring players that these have been noted:

  • Solstice armor as Universal Ornaments
  • A means of acquiring random rolls for the above-mentioned armor pieces, to earn higher stats or different affinities.

Ghosts with mod slots

The same thing goes with Cozmo’s response.

This after a Reddit user suggested that “Ghosts should function in the same vein as the seasonal artifact in that they level up as Guardians gain experience.” This would allow players to unlock and slot perks allowing shells to be purely cosmetic. Another member of the subreddit pitched the idea of shells having mod slots adding that such feature would allow other “Destiny 2” players to use any shell they prefer rather than the current issue that they’re experiencing with Armor 2.0.

Momentum Control

As for the game’s new mode dubbed Momentum Control, it says it will focus on gunplay as compared to Mayhem’s Supers. It will be “a fast-paced, hair-on-fire experience” as the weapon’s lethality has been upped to 11. Here’s what the new game mode will bring by the time it goes live in "Destiny 2":

  • Weapon damage has been increased
  • Instant respawn times
  • No tracker
  • Ability regen will require some effort
  • Amped control
  • Supercharged supers
  • Increased heavy ammo respawn rates