A season of “Destiny 2” won’t be complete without its player base coming across with some glitches/exploits along the way. One of the most recent being the instant super using the now temporarily disabled Exotic Fusion Rifle – the Telesto. Players may have been barred from using it at the moment, but the exploit seems to live on in some weapons in the game.

Instant super after the Telesto ‘patch’

A recent clip from the YouTube channel of Cheese Forever showed how it’s done where he showed that the exploit still “lives on” on both the Mountaintop and Prospector (Legendary and Exotic grenade launchers respectively).

Per the video, a player brought up the idea of other weapons with sticky grenades if these would work like Telesto.

The mechanic is just the same as doing the instant super glitch with the Telesto. Shoot some of the weapon’s sticky grenades on the floor and throw a grenade at it. Cheese pointed out, however, that it may not stack up super that quick, but at least they’re not disabled, unlike the above-mentioned fusion rifle. This trick also requires either Ashes to Assets mods (an enhanced version is much better) or a new class item with Solar affinity. In line with this, World First raider Ehroar also uploaded a video about it right before Bungie disabled Telesto.

Getting the Leviathan’s Breath

Meanwhile, Guardians recently got the Exotic quest for the Leviathan’s Breath which has been deemed by “Destiny 2” players to be the shortest Exotic quest by far. A lot of players have already acquired the Exotic bow, but for those who still don’t have it, the steps are as follows:

  • Head over to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44. The Exo gunsmith will then ask you to go to a hidden location within the Tower.
  • Once you reach that hidden location, go back to Banshee as he will ask you to do either strikes or Gambit. Per Datto, all Nightfalls are worth 50 percent progress while Gambit will have 25 percent on a loss and 35 percent on a win. Normal strikes, on the other hand, will give out 20 percent progress.
  • Next is to do precision bow kills on either Vex or Cabal. The latter is preferred by a lot of players who have done the Exotic quest.
  • After meeting the headshot requirement, players need to run a special version of the Arms Dealer strike in the European Dead Zone (EDZ). The said activity has a 900-power level requisite and it has the modifiers Harsh Elements, Blackout, and Iron, not to mention that it has matchmaking. Be reminded that the boss in this activity is pretty much a bullet sponge and ads seem to pop up more often.
  • For the last step, return to Banshee, go back to the hidden spot at the Tower and get the Exotic bow.

According to Datto, there were reports about “Destiny 2” players who completed the raid with below 950 base power were able to obtain the Leviathan’s Breath with 951. He even provided his first impressions with the heavy bow and compared it to other weapons in the game.