Epic Games has recently released Chapter 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale," bringing drastic changes to the popular video game. The new chapter, which has brought a new season to the game, was released on Tuesday, October 15, and it completely changed the game. The new season came after the downtime which had lasted for almost two days, which was the longest downtime in "Fortnite" history.

For the first time, Epic Games had a live downtime for a "Fortnite Battle Royale" update. Before it, every bigger update would cause servers to go down, usually for an hour or two, and at that time, players would not be able to access any part of the game.

However, during the Chapter 2 downtime, players could stare at the black hole and the random numbers that were appearing on the screen. Apparently, according to Epic Games, this has turned out to be the "most viewed gaming event ever" across Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.

The event wasn't very fun, but it was popular

Before the Black Hole appeared in "Fortnite Battle Royale," players could witness the season-ending event that started in Dusty Depot. The rocket that was built in this area was launched by the Scientist and it had gone through a couple of rifts. The meteor, which had been frozen in place for almost the entire duration of Season X, was also moved to the rift, and it has hit the Zero Point at Loot Lake.

This impact has completely destroyed the island and caused the Black Hole to appear.

No one knew how long the Black Hole would be in the game, which is why many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players had watched it for hours, making it the most popular gaming event ever. As a matter of fact, Twitch, the biggest video game streaming website, could not handle all the traffic it was getting on the video game channel.

Over 1.7 million viewers tuned in to watch this event on Twitch. That’s “the platform’s peak concurrent record on a single game category,” Epic said. YouTube and Twitter also had a lot of viewers. The Black Hole was “most viewed gaming event on Twitter, with 50.7 million minutes watched and 42.8 million views.” On YouTube, the video game event had over 4.3 million concurrent viewers.

The biggest 'Fortnite' event of all time

Epic Games hasn't revealed how many players watched the event live in the game, but we expect it to be revealed in the future. Right now, this record is held by the Marshmello event which had over 10.8 million concurrent players and is the record for most concurrent players in gaming history.

In addition to the three aformentioned platforms, the event had a lot of viewers on Facebook, Mixer, and other smaller streaming platforms. Epic Games has made a bold move with it, but it was worth it.