Fortnite” has grown to become a worldwide hit among gamers and many of them spend long hours playing the battle royale shooter. However, the time spent by a 10-year-old kid may have been too much for his mom as she allegedly hit him and ended up dislocating his jaw.

The incident happened Wednesday 23

TV station WFLA managed to acquire a police report about the said incident where it was noted that it happened on Wednesday (October 23) at around 5 PM. The child’s mother, Ann Perugia from South Daytona, told her son to stop playing the game and take a shower.

However, when interviewed by the authorities, the kid said that he forgot what his mother told him to do, adding that after 10 minutes, his mother went back to his room and asked him if he already took a bath. To that, he answered “no.” The police said that the kid already got up and made his way to the bathroom when the mother followed him. By the time the two got inside, the child says he recalls being punched by his own mother resulting in the dislocation of his jaw. The report adds that allegedly, there were also scratches on the boy’s body that may have been inflicted by Perugia.

After the incident, Perugia called the boy’s father to pick him up. The boy’s father, Brian Butler told authorities that upon arrival at Perugia’s house, his son was already standing outside with his shoes and a bag of clothes.

The mother then went outside and told Butler to take his son and leave.

Mother’s side of the story

Perugia, on the other hand, was also asked her side of the story by the police. She said that she picked up her son from school and gave him permission to play “Fortnite” with his friends. Perugia also narrated the scene where she asked her son to take a bath (the kid replied “no” according to her) and when she asked her son what was the attitude for, the kid answered, “I hate you and you don’t do anything for me.” The mother went on, stating that she left the room and called her son’s father, though she never said anything about her punching her own child.

The mother is now under police custody and has been charged with aggravated child abuse with physical injury. As for the 10-year-old boy, he is now living with his aunt since it was noted by WFLA that Butler does not have full custody.

Something similar

Similar “Fortnite”-related cases have been reported in the past. One of the most infamous was with Luke Munday (a.k.a.

MrDeadMoth) where he slapped his then pregnant wife while streaming “Fortnite.” He pleaded guilty to common assault back in July. Per Dot Esports, the maximum penalty for a charge like this in New South Wales is imprisonment of up to two years. Munday was supposed to be sentenced on August 26. However, it was delayed for nine more weeks.