A lot of stuff has been going on with “Destiny 2” since the release of the game’s “Shadowkeep’ expansion. More “D2” content will go live in the coming weeks and players will likely come across some glitches and exploits along the way. With that in mind, another glitch has been discovered where it allows players to stack the same mods at the same time.

How to stack the same Artifact Mods

The YouTube channel MFW was believed to be the first to discover the glitch where he uploaded a short clip stating that the mods of the same kind do stack. Clan Redeem member and four-time World First raider Ehroar confirmed the said glitch and even provided an in-depth look in his recent video.

Per Ehroar, the game normally blocks the same mod that you want to apply on your equipped armor as this will gray out with a message saying that a similar mod has already been applied to that armor. However, the above-mentioned glitch seems to bypass that rule. To do this, simply select the desired armor piece, inspect it, apply the mods, and you’re done. Ehroar believes that there could be a bug in “D2’s” coding that causes it to bypass the lockout.

Best mods to stack

In the video, he also provided some of the best mods to stack:

  • Breach Refractor – Grants grenade energy on final blows with shield-piercing weapons or when a member of your fireteam shuts down a Barrier Champion’s ability.
  • From the Depths – Grants bonus Void Super damage if cast while critically wounded. Lasts until the end of the Super activation.
  • Ballistic Combo – Grants melee energy on final blows with shield-piercing weapons or when a member of your fireteam shuts down a Barrier Champion’s ability.

Another “D2” content creator – Cheese Forever – also covered this glitch and pointed out that if players wish to apply either Breach Refractor or Ballistic Combo, they need to have a weapon that is equipped with an anti-barrier mod (limited to hand cannons, auto rifles, and SMGs).

He further explained that the anti-barrier and Breach Refractor mod combo give Guardians some decent amount of grenade energy by eliminating enemies. Cheese also pointed out that the Titan’s Armamentarium Exotic Chest armor (allows players to carry two grenades) paired with a hand cannon (with a Demolitionist perk) alongside a Discipline Mod (grenade cooldown) will yield some substantial amounts of grenade energy per kill, not to mention that players will always have a grenade.

At the time of writing, Bungie has yet to address this glitch. However, the developer tweeted that “Destiny 2” will undergo maintenance as they will roll out the game’s update. The patch is expected to go live on October 15 at 9 a.m. PDT and it is still unknown if the devs included a fix for this.