"Fortnite: Battle Royale" was recently updated to v10.10 which brought changes to the map such as the return of classic Retail Row along with hordes of fiends. Aside from the addition of a new Rift Zone, data miners have revealed that they were able to dig some new information about a throwable item from the new game files. The new item is called "Junk Rift" and as the name suggests, the throwable item will summon some sort of object when thrown.

Junk Rift usage

Famous "Fortnite: Battle Royale" data miner Lucas7Yoshi was able to find the image for the upcoming Junk Rift in the new game files and it seems like the new item is a combination of Rift and a Rocket.

According to the leaker, the item might spawn a single object from a rift in the sky when thrown, furthermore, the spawned item will be picked randomly from a set of three to four objects. The usage of Junk Rift has been leaked in the new loading screen in which it is shown that players will be able to spawn ridiculous objects such as dinosaurs, vehicles, etc.

The data miner also managed to get his hands on audio files related to the Junk Rift item and upon closely listening to the sound, it's fair to conclude that the rift will spawn three different kinds of vehicles, an anchor, a dinosaur, and one more object.

Here are the sounds and the loading screen:

Finally, the leaker uploaded a video which shows how the Junk Rift item is going to look like in the actual game.

Some animations from the upcoming addition to the game look quite similar to the original Rift item although there is extra particle effect in the rift.

Leaked cosmetic items

The latest "Fortnite: Battle Royale" has added a slew of new cosmetic items to the game they are probably going to appear within the next few weeks. Here are all the latest leaked items:


  • Oppressor - "Out of time, and out for vengeance."
  • Shifu - "Master of harmonious victory."
  • Freestyle - "Follow the beat. Secure the win."
  • Fennix - "Never outfoxed."
  • Recon Ranger - "Expert field intel ranger."
  • Frontier - "Rustle 'em up and head out."


  • Exo-Spine - "Always carry a spare."
  • Detonator - "Set it off."
  • Grande Pack - "River ready."
  • Backbeat - "Live loud."
  • Kunai Shield - "Sharp and steady."
  • Foxpack - "Sly and spikey."
  • Banner Shield - "Customize your look by choosing a Banner and color in your Locker."


  • Infectious - "Let it take over."
  • Very Sneaky - "Stealth mode engaged."
  • Moon Bounce - "Gravity can't hold you down."
  • Distracted - "Plan of attack... entirely forgotten."

Harvesting Tools

  • Plasmatic Edge - "Calibrated by absolute domination."
  • Spikeclone - "Sleek and spikey."
  • Wisdom's edge - "Know your blade and you know yourself."
  • Longhorn - "Corral the competition."