'Fortnite Battle Royale' Chapter 2 Season 4, titled "Nexus War," will finally reach its culmination when Galactus, the cosmic being and the devourer of the worlds, fully emerges from the water. Currently, Galactus is partially visible and can be seen from the Avengers Helicarrier, north-west of the island. Players will fight Galactus on December 1st in a special, one-time event to determine the island's fate.

'Fortnite' Nexus War recap

Unlike previous seasons of 'Fortnite,' Nexus War actually has a compelling plot. On Asgard, Thor, who is currently the King of Asgard, is met by Galactus, who informs him about the Black Winter, an entity trying to destroy the Marvel universe.

Thor agrees to serve as Galactus' herald, and both of them set off on a journey to find 5 planets that Galactus must consume to stop the greater threat.

While searching for the planets, they come across a rift that leads to a place with infinite energy called "Zero Point," the orb from the last chapter of 'Fortnite.' Afterwards, Thor rushes into the rift to warn the people of the island about Galactus' arrival. The characters on the island cannot understand what Thor says; hence a conflict occurs between them. Later on, Thor summons Iron Man, She-Hulk, Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Captain America, Mystique, and Storm to help him in this fight.

Heroes versus Galactus fight

There's a high chance that this fight will completely change the 'Fortnite' island because whenever there's "Zero Point" involved, some point of interest on the islands is destined to be destroyed.

Players have already bid farewell to Frenzy Farm with the Stark Industries' arrival, and we might see some map changes soon after the release of the next update.

The official 'Fortnite' social media handles have mentioned that Gamma Cell loaded Battle Buses and Jetpacks will play a vital role in the upcoming fight so that the actual fight might happen above the island.

Dataminers have revealed that we might get a Galactus skin in the future, and it makes sense that if the heroes can defeat the cosmic entity, he might not consume the Zero Point and find some other way to defeat the Black Winter.

Event timing

This one-time event will take place on Tuesday, December 1st, at 4 PM ET.

Epic Games have advised players to log in to 'Fortnite Battle Royale' one hour before the event, and the event playlist itself will appear 30 minutes before the event. Event timings for different regions are mentioned below:

  • Pacific Time (US) - 1 PM
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 6 PM
  • London, United Kingdom - 9 PM
  • Berlin, Germany - 10 PM
  • Moscow, Russian Federation - 12 AM
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 1 AM
  • Mumbai, India - 2:30 AM
  • Beijing, China - 5 AM
  • Sydney, Australia - 8 AM