"Fortnite Battle Royale" Chapter 2 Season 4, titled "Nexus War," reached its conclusion on Tuesday after Galactus finally reached the island and tried to consume the Zero Point. Luckily, the Marvel heroes, along with millions of "Fortnite" players, were able to stop the cosmic entity by battling its army of robots and banishing it back to its own universe with the help of battle buses.

Season 5 of "Fortnite" Chapter 2 also went live hours after the event ended and Epic Games was once again able to impress its fans by introducing a lot of new content and characters.

Unfortunately, a "Fortnite" leaker found a new version of what looks like a BRUTE, and some fans are not happy at all with the idea of the return of the mechs.

Return of BRUTE mech in 'Fortnite'

The mech suit was discovered by "Fortnite" dataminer "FortTory," and it appears to be a lighter version of BRUTE mech which is still under construction. The suit is a part of the current "Fortnite" map but it is not logical to conclude that it might just be an easter egg because there have been no new vehicles added to the game in recent times.

The return of the BRUTE mech is a considerable concern for players because it is one of the most disliked vehicles that has ever been introduced in the game.

When the mechs were first introduced in "Season X," the playstyle that they encouraged was disliked by a lot of players. Skilled players were easily defeated by a newbie who would be driving the BRUTE, especially in the last few phases of the storm. Players rarely had a chance of prevailing against the BRUTE and this caused a lot of good players to actually quit the game.

Location of the BRUTE

The newer version of the BRUTE can be found in a building that is at the center of Hunter's Haven. It is a new point of interest located north-west of Lazy Lake. The building in which the mech is found has some other interesting objects displayed on the second floor. One of such objects is engraved symbols that look quite similar to the ones found on Kevin the Cube.

It's highly unlikely that Epic Games would reintroduce something from the previous season of the game without fixing the issues with it and maybe we might get a better version of the BRUTE in the future. Chapter 2 Season 5 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" has barely even started and players are already loving it because it finally seems like the lore of the game is moving in some direction.

The latest season of "Fortnite" revolves around Zero Point and hunters who are hired by Jones in order to keep players from escaping the loop. The season trailer also hinted that "The Seven" still exist in the new universe but the "Company" is trying to hide from them.