Fortnite” players are well aware of Epic building up the hype for the game’s 10th season as they’ve rolled out several hints at the game’s season 1 map including some other stuff from previous seasons. That said, it looks like those may have just been confirmed as the developer officially released the game’s Season 10 trailer as it featured good ol’ Jonesy.

The minute-long clip starts with Jonesy staring at the orb known as the Zero Point seconds before it explodes. The next scene shows the character floating inside some sort of a dimension where stuff from earlier seasons can be spotted.

Some of the notable items include the huge rocket from Season 4, the Tactical SMG, Kevin, the butterfly, the Skull Trooper, and even some of the game’s Christmas-themed contents.

Things that were spotted in the teaser

There’s also what could be a green Dark Voyager that was spotted floating by as players speculate that the game could also be hinting at different color styles this season. The robot from the second teaser was also seen in the video, though it’s a bit too far, not to mention that it passed by pretty quick. There were also talks about the character named Drift returning in the game as it was also teased by Epic. Drift was introduced back in Season 5 and players can unlock the full outfit through the game’s Battle Pass.

Its complete version consists of a Kitsune mask that can also be seen in one of the recently released teaser images of Epic. Per Cnet, the teaser seemed to show a different iteration of the mask as it has a dark tone to it, though this has yet to be confirmed.

This may well seem to confirm that Epic is suggesting time travel/skip in Season 10 as eagle-eyed fans of the game noticed some well-known points of interest (POIs) are included in the clip.

One of these locations include the Dusty Depot alongside its factories (which was already teased early on). Others were also quick to point out that while Jonesy is plunging towards the game map, they also noticed that the volcano is still there. With that in mind, players believe that other popular locations in the map might also be making a comeback like Tomato Town, Salty Springs, and Moisty Mire among other well-known landing areas on the map.

It was Brazil who posted it first

Prior to the reveal, dataminers posted the leaked Season 10 clip claiming that it came from “Fortnite” Brazil’s account that was immediately taken down. It was not long after the leak got out that Epic released the English version of the video and posted it on their social media channels. All these will soon be revealed as the “Fortnite” BR community is just hours away from playing the game’s new season.