Fortnite’s” v9.40 update is well underway and has brought in a hefty sum of tweaks and fixes. However, players have stumbled upon a new strategy in the game that went alongside the new patch. Also, data miners have dug up additional information about some of the game’s upcoming contents.

New door strat

Fortnite” YouTuber OrangeGuy recently uploaded a minute-long clip showing the above-mentioned strat using an in-game wooden door. According to him, players can shoot through its crevices adding that the strategy will come in handy during box fights.

In the video, it can also be observed that he used various weapons probably to test if the strat not only works for a particular weapon.

That said, viewers jokingly commented that Epic could be disabling the door due to the said strat. The YouTuber even described it as insanely overpowered.

Battle Pass gifting and skydive leader mechanic

KrispyLeaks (@KrispyLeaks), on the other hand, tweeted out a screenshot showing a string of codes suggesting that Battle Pass gifting might finally come to fruition in the game. Talks about it being added into the game have been going on for quite a while now and such a discovery within the game files has hyped players. Some of them, however, have raised their concerns about it stating that other players will be begging for it.

The data miner also stumbled upon another set of codes and it looks like the yet-to-be-announced feature could be inspired by another battle royale title - “Apex Legends.” The codes read, “ARE THE SKYDIVE LEADER” and “TO PASS SKYDIVE LEADER” which could be hinting at a skydive leader mechanic might be introduced in the game in future updates.

It can be recalled that “Fortnite’s” respawn vans were inspired by “Apex Legends’” respawn beacons that let players respawn downed teammates by simply bringing that Legend’s banner card to it.

Another code caught the attention of the leaker as it reads, “The island depends on you.” He believes that players will be participating in the in-game event where the robot known as Mecha and the Cattus is expected to slug it out as an opening salvo for Season 10.

With that in mind, a Reddit user’s prediction about the incoming season seems to fit in the bag as it was stated that the two behemoths will be battling each other. The robot is said to lose the battle and players will be recruited to bring down the Cattus monster.

Players are also aware by now of the Storm Scout Sniper rifle that was also leaked by data miners.

KrispyLeaks was able to get a screenshot of the new weapon in-game and gameplay footage of the rifle. According to YouTuber thatdenverguy, players can get their hands on the sniper rifle via “Fortnite’s” Creative mode. Players will just have to head over to the game mode’s consumables get those little presents until they get the weapon.