The “Fortnite: Battle Royale” community was left in awe after witnessing the biggest event in the game so far. There were others, though, who were disappointed after noticing that nothing much has changed on the in-game map after the Cattus-Mecha fight. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as new leaks recently made the rounds suggesting that there could be a massive explosion that will change the map in a drastic way.


Known “Fortnite” data miner FortTory (@FortTory) recently took to Twitter to show screenshots of the glowing orb that Mecha used in defeating Cattus.

It is very much noticeable on the side by side shots of what players now call as Bob the Orb that its appearance has changed a bit and it seems like it’s now a little charged up.

The leaker also posted short clips of the orb adding that he stumbled upon three particles within the event files. FortTory believes that these are the stages for what he calls the Nexus Orbit. That said, new theories have been suggested by players as it is pretty much expected by now that something massive is going to happen in “Fortnite’s” 10th season. He even tweeted out his prediction that more cracks will be forming on the orb’s surface and will soon explode resulting in either the formation of a new map or a huge chunk of the island getting destroyed.

Popular “Fortnite” player and streamer Valkyrie also predicted that Bob the Orb will be bringing players back in time to the original “Fortnite” map adding that the new season will be called Season 1.0.

Bob the orb may already have been hinted in Season 4

There are other data miners who came across with equally interesting stuff in the game files like Hypex (@HYPEX) who tweeted a sound file claiming that it’s the sound of the orb during its final stages.

Players who listened to it even described it as some sort of a “heartbeat lost in time and space” adding that something big is indeed happening in the upcoming season. Another data miner – ShiinaBR (@ShiinaBR) pointed out that the orb is called The Zero Point and is without a doubt connected to Season 10. In line with this, Epic Games’ Creative Director Donald Mustard has changed yet again his location on his Twitter account to that of the orb’s name.

Lucas7yoshi (@Lucas7yoshi), on the other hand, tweeted that the orb was already hinted in the game during the so-called Rocket event back in “Fortnite” Season 4.

He even recalled that either the Visitor or someone back then mentioned “Zero Point oscillators on” which could be referring to the now unstable orb in the game. It can also be seen in the Rocket event footage that Loot Lake was the last spot where the rocket teleported to before finally taking off and left a huge crack in the sky.