Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf recently proved in the “Fortnite” world stage that he is the best after winning the game’s World Cup solos and raking in the $3 million top prize. However, with all the looming taxes that will be applied to it, people are now musing on how much will the young millionaire be bringing home?

After the taxes

Ryan from RushB Media recently took to Twitter to show a ballpark figure on how much tax the Federal government and the State of New York would be deducting from Bugha’s earnings at the recently concluded Fortnite World Cup.

According to him, the State of New York could be taking away around $265,000. The U.S. Federal Government, on the other hand, will be taking the biggest chunk as it was estimated to be around $1.2 million. After the tax deductions, Bugha’s projected take home earnings will be cut down to $1.5 million.

The 16-year-old “Fortnite” pro has wowed both the commentators and onlookers during the solos championship as he performed exceptionally during those six matches and managed to stack up 59 points in total that secured him in winning the title. In his recent tweet, he stated that it has been the best week of his entire life and thanked the people who supported him on his journey. He went on stating that he’s looking forward to meeting more of the equally talented players of the battle royale shooter in future events.

TV appearances

Since winning the championship, Bugha has guested on several TV shows which include Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” He brought alongside him the Battle Bus trophy that he also won together with the cash prize as it can be seen that Fallon was having a bit of a hard time lifting it.

Bugha was then asked on how does competitive gaming works as Fallon believes that there’s a lot of work into it. The teen responded that it takes a lot of long practice on a daily basis adding that he does some hand warm-ups for at least 30 minutes by playing “Fortnite’s” Creative mode.

He also revealed that on a weekend, he usually gets up at around noon to which Fallon jokingly said that he wants to be the teen so bad.

Bugha went on saying that after taking a banana and some hand warm-ups, he usually talks to his teammates over the phone about strategies before he proceeds in playing the game that usually goes on for at least six hours. When asked as to where the name “Bugha” came from, the teen said that the moniker originated from his grandpa when he was still a baby adding that he usually laughs whenever his grandpa says “bugha, bugha, bugha” to him.

His plans

ESPN’s Ryan Smith, on the other hand, asked the champ on what he’ll do with all that money. Bugha replied that he’ll save and invest in it before saying that he’ll be buying a new desk. As of late, his social media has been blowing up as he gained over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 150,000 Twitch followers according to Forbes.