Bungie has officially announced “Destiny 2’s” Summer event that is Solstice of Heroes and detailed the contents that will go alongside it. Prior to the announcement, dataminers have yet again dug deep into the game files and came across some interesting stuff about the upcoming event.


Reddit user u/JpDeathBlade recently took to r/DestinyTheGame to reveal what he calls a datamine guide to this year’s Solstice of Heroes. He compiled every bit of information that he could find from various sources that have something to do with the upcoming event.

Per the OP’s post, the European Aerial Zone will be made up of seven different zones:

  • Meditation Grounds
  • Ruin
  • Town
  • Factory
  • Mall
  • Garage
  • Courtyard

Bungie already revealed that a different energy will fill the air of the EAZ each day that allows Guardians to be empowered. While these are active, players can also run similar energies to generate orbs.

Jp added that the datamined event strings made it seemed like that the activity could be somewhat similar to a solo Gambit match alongside waves of enemies/mini-bosses for players to eliminate. The OP also noted that each wave will have a Cabal together with some reinforcements (either an Engineer or a Mosquito).

He also mentioned of a so-called Prismatic Taken which he believes to be a high-value target when it spawns.

Jp went on speculating that the real aim of the waves of mini-bosses is not about eliminating enemies, but opening hidden chests.

As for the baddies in the EAZ, Jp stated that it will contain a mix of Cabal, Fallen, and Hive enemies. The post even showed a roster of enemies that are likely to appear in the game. It also provided details on how to upgrade both Drained and Renewed armor sets for all three classes and even steps on how to Masterwork the Majestic armor sets.

Bungie mentioned on their recent post something about Solstice Packages that will reward players with Rare and Legendary Gear, Materials, and Materials. According to Jp’s Reddit post, the sealed packages can be opened through Solstice Key Fragments. The OP added that there will be a consumable in the game that will be available through Eva can attract these fragments.

Jp pointed out, however, that the consumable known as the Fragment Magnet can attract Solstice Key Fragments “at an alarming rate” and advised players to use it at their own risk.

Solar Week

The post also tackled Solar Week in “Destiny 2” as the OP stated that he came across with a few lines talking about the event where it reads, "...has swept the system, imbuing all Guardians with enhanced Solar energy. In response, Lord Saladin has declared a week of celebration.” He added that Solar Week could be running alongside the final Iron Banner of “D2’s” current season and might be rolled out on August 20.