Bungie has recently revealed in an interview some additional information about “Destiny 2’s” Armor 2.0 system including how finishing moves will work in the game. They also released a Developer Insights video where it showcased the things their player base should be expecting on the Moon. The developer even addressed several concerns raised by the “D2” community which include Faction Rallies, the Braytech Weapons grind for the Wayfarer, and the players’ request to buff scout rifles in the game.

On Faction Rallies

Community Manager Dmg recently took to Bungie forums to address the absence of Faction Rallies in the game.

This came after a player suggested to bring it back as normal factions like Vanguard and Crucible. Per his response, they’ve been getting feedback about it since the activity is on hiatus for about a year now. He went on, asking players a series of questions that would help them prioritize the feedback points that they’ve been gathering:

  • The aspects of both Factions and Faction Rallies that players like the most
  • Features in FR that players did not enjoy
  • Activities in either “D1” or “D2” that players thought Factions impacted in a good way

He clarified, however, that he can’t make any promises on if or when the activity would return in the game.

Tedious and unreliable

He also responded to another forum post regarding Braytech weapons as the OP stated that the grind for these weapons for the Wayfarer is “extremely tedious and unreliable.” Dmg replied that the dev team made some adjustments to other rewards that are required for the seal.

He also admitted that he was just lucky enough to obtain all the weapons required, though he fully understands the frustration of players who are waiting for that final weapon to drop.

Scout Rifles

Dmg also touched on the subject of scout rifles in “Destiny 2” as a player from the forums pointed out that the Pinnacle Weapon Oxygen SR3 and the rest of the scout rifles in the game are in need of some buffs.

In his response, the community manager stated that the dev team is “working on the problem space” of the said weapon type and how they don’t have a perfect place in the Sandbox. He assured players that he’ll be rolling out additional intel about this as soon as they arise.

An issue within the Crucible

Cozmo, on the other hand, announced that they are targeting a fix for the Crucible invisibility bug come July 30. In line with this, Dmg provided several workarounds for this ongoing issue and one of them includes “refraining from making comments about people having jobs, inferring that those folks should be fired.” He ended it reminding the community that it's is in game development that they’re doing and bugs are expected to happen, adding that the issue will be fixed.