Several glitches and cheeses have been discovered in the current season of “Destiny 2” as it includes the one in the Tribute Hall. Bungie took notice of it and addressed the exploit in their latest This Week at Bungie blog post.

Soon to be patched

According to Bungie, a fix for the mentioned exploit will be rolled out on July 30 alongside the release of the game’s Summer event that is Solstice of Heroes. The developer further explained that the “Tributes Placed” total will accurately show individual tributes that were placed on a player’s account.

This means that they’ll be making adjustments to all of the players’ Tribute counts once the patch goes live.

Square up things with Calus first

They assured their player base that those who cheesed their way in completing the objective will not be punished since it’s not in their policy to do such a thing. Bungie pointed out, though, that the rewards obtained with the help of the exploit will be taken away until players have already “squared up things with Calus.” This means that both the Bad Juju catalyst and the X Marks the Spot emote will be locked away until they’ve reached the required number of Tributes placed.

Season of Opulence glitches/cheeses

For the uninitiated, there’s currently what players call a Tribute banner cheese where they are able to place all the Tributes in just a single day resulting in them being rewarded with both the Bad Juju catalyst and the Triumph.

This can be replicated provided that players haven’t opened the door to actual Tribute room yet:

  • Head over to the Tribute Hall using the first character.
  • Get the bounty being offered by the statue and complete it.
  • After completion, players will then be offered by a banner.
  • Instead of placing the banner right away, have the second character do it.
  • There will be a sound of an opening door signaling that the cheese has been activated.
  • Head back to orbit, return to the Tribute all and place the banner down again.

The banner is being considered by the game as a Tribute and every time it is being placed, players are making progress.

This is just one of the many exploits that were discovered so far in “Destiny 2’s” Season of Opulence. Others include:

  • The infinite super glitch
  • The Feeding Frenzy glitch
  • AFK farming for planetary materials
  • The daily Boon exploit
  • The glitch in the Gauntlet Encounter
  • The final step in the new Iron Banner quest
  • The now patched Menagerie chest loot farm

“Destiny 2” YouTuber Ninja Pups compiled these in his latest upload and detailed how it can be done in the game. Keep in mind, however, that the above-mentioned glitches could very well be patched by Bungie in the game’s future updates.