Battle Royale players are very much acquainted with the fact that Respawn Entertainment’sApex Legends” came as a surprise and its popularity rose up among players at a very fast pace. However, things got quite sluggish after the succeeding months, not to mention that its viewership on Twitch dropped drastically. Well-known streamer and former Cloud9 member Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek was one of the top tier players who played the BR shooter as he recently threw in his two cents about “Apex” and Epic Games’ “Fortnite.”

Shroud’s two cents

In his recent live stream, Shroud said that “Apex Legends” will be on the same level as “Fornite” as long as the developer doesn’t mess up.

This after he read a message from his chat stating that Respawn should capitalize on their game just like what Epic did to their battle royale title. He further explained that “Fortnite” was a very long process adding that the game did not happen overnight. The streamer also believes that Respawn didn’t expect their game to immediately gain the attention of many players and added that the devs were not prepared for it. Shroud went on to say that now that “Apex” has stabled out, its developers will be hiring more people, roll out new updates, and eventually, the game is going to take off.

Dexerto, on the other hand, noted that it is believed that Respawn delayed the release of “Apex Legend’s” first season after witnessing their game’s massive popularity to further improve their game.

However, its first ever Battle Pass disappointed a lot of players where it only rolled out a single Legend (Octane) alongside a new weapon.

Getting eliminated in an instant

In another Apex-related topic, it looks like another game-breaking bug has been discovered by players where they instantly die in the game for no apparent reason.

Reddit user u/thedarkmuse recently posted a short clip of him alongside his teammates as they tried to loot the death boxes that got stuck between the supply ship’s thrusters and its main body. It can be seen in the video that by the time they got near the boxes, they were instantly eliminated, not to mention that their death boxes were added to the stash.

Not the first time

Per Dexerto, the game’s kill feed showed that both the OP and his friend were crushed. It can also be observed that they never got knocked out before getting eliminated. The publication added that this is not the first time a bug similar to this has happened in the game. It can be recalled that there are certain areas on the map that have issues with its coding as unknowing players who’ll be stepping on it will be sent off that causes them to be eliminated instantly.