Apex Legends players are well acquainted with the massive cheating that has been going on in the battle royale shooter. Albeit Respawn’s recent ban wave, these hackers are back at it again as they found another way to cheat during a match.

The emerging issue was brought to light by Reddit user u/DarthAesder stating that there has been an incredible surge of hackers in the game just a week after the developer implemented the ban. He was given the impression that a new cheat has been devised and released on the cheaters’ forum pages.

Soft cheating

Per the OP, a so-called “soft cheating” is growing rampant within “Apex” as of late where the cheaters are somewhat toning down their aimbots to a point that it’s being detected by an anti-cheat algorithm.

However, the cheat is very much noticeable from the receiving end. U/DarthAesder further explained that the aimbot can be seen locking on while spectating these cheaters, but this new cheat gives out somewhat of a “buffer of missed shots” in order to fool the accuracy counter. The Reddit user went on stating that newbies in the game “are disillusioned because they think they are being outplayed on pure skill” adding that “tenured players being eliminated instantly makes one suspicious of cheats which actually punishes good players.”

A fellow Reddit user supported the post stating that by simply snooping into the cheating forums, one can find several high-skilled “Apex” players who managed to hide under the radar.

He added that the cheaters were able to do it partly because “they play dumb” every time other players are spectating them. The Redditor even suggested to either add a kill cam in the game or hide the spectator indicator while the devs work on kill cams.

On region locking China

Prior to this, another Reddit user posted a five-minute clip (though the devs pointed out that the video is old) showing what he called the daily struggle of playing on Asia servers.

The post gained some traction among players as some of them pointed out that game hacking is a million-dollar business in China adding that hacking tools are being updated on a daily basis. Calls of region locking the country also filled the comments to which Respawn responded.

According to the developer, they are aware of China’s game cheating industry and stated that they “have more in the works” to combat this. They went on stating that it will be a long-lasting battle on multiple fronts as long as “Apex Legends” is played.

As for region locking China, Respawn stated that it’s not as simple as one might think. The developer further explained that "Apex" was not released in that country and they believe that players over there could be playing the game using a VPN (or even multiple VPNs at once).

However, someone down in the comments who claims to be an expat living in China commented that he was able to download the game through Origin and played without using a VPN.