Twitch streamer Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) is well-known for his exceptional aim in shooter games like “PUBG,” “Fortnite,” and “Apex Legends.” In his recent livestream, he revealed that he had discussions with some of the “Fortnite” pro players that are competing in the game’s $30 million World Cup and things aren’t looking good for the future of its competitive front.

Quitting comp after the World Cup

Shroud was just going about his usual stream when he and a fellow gamer touched the topic of playing Epic’s battle royale shooter. According to him, the developer doesn’t care about the state of the game’s competitive play stating that “they’re kinda lost with how to please their pro scene.” He then revealed on stream that a lot of pro players have reached out to him saying that they’ll be quitting after the tournament.

He told the players, however, that Epic will just throw in more money and they’ll just go ahead and compete again. It was not disclosed as to how many of these have talked to Shroud including their identities.

That said, Dexerto noted that Epic “might not satisfy” their players on “Fortnite’s” competitive scene, though the game maker has definitely “gone above and beyond” this year with a whopping $100 million at stake during the course of the year.

Just playing the game for fun

Prior to this, another equally popular streamer – FaZe Clan’s Tfue – has already stated that he might be taking a bit of a breather from “Fortnite” comp and will focus instead on streaming the BR game on Twitch. He said that the World Cup will be the last comp that he’ll be in adding that he’s not going to qualify anyway.

He went on to say that he’s not in for the money as he was just playing it for fun.

Returning to PUBG

Going back to Shroud, it’s on the same stream that he also said that he might quit playing “Apex“ and return to playing “PUBG” instead. This is due to the server lags that he experienced alongside the lack of content that made him even less interested in playing the game.

During his stream, he said that he only has three games left before quitting “Apex” for good. He added that he’d rather play “PUBG,” instead, as he further explained that despite its issues, Blueholes’s game is on a better state right now in comparison to Respawn’s BR title.

Bugs and hackers

Players are very much aware that “Apex” is plagued with several bugs, not to mention the hackers that often make the game unbearable to play.

These issues have caused the game’s viewership to drop massively in the last couple of months according to Dot Esports. The publication added that Respawn “will have to do a lot of work to recapture the magic that is lost” for them not to end up as one of those forgotten BR games.