Epic Games has rolled out “Fortnite’s” v8.51 update where it introduced a new item dubbed the Shadow Bomb. However, players have already stumbled upon a couple of exploits that maximizes the item’s usage in the battle royale shooter.

Shadow Bomb exploits

For those who are still not in the loop, the Shadow Bomb, when used, equips players with enhanced jumping abilities, speed, and invisibility. That said, just a day from being introduced in the game, the player base discovered some game breaking exploits that would ruin “Fortnite’s” World Cup qualifier this weekend.

According to Forbe’s Paul Tassi, a Shadow Bomb has a six-second timer for both its movement buff and invisibility. However, the timer does not seem to work whenever a player jumps or does a wall run. Gameplay clips showing the exploit were even posted online by players where constant wall running or jumping doubled the item’s duration. Popular Twitch streamer TimTheTatman also confirmed it on his recent stream where he tried the exploit with a geyser within the game.

The other trick is much more serious according to Tassi, as this can be used in the duo's qualifier. If a player gets knocked down when invisible and, later on, is revived by a teammate, the downed player will remain in that state for the rest of the match.

Epic addressed this Shadow Bomb invisibility issue over on the game’s subreddit, saying that the issue only occurs in modes that have respawns enabled like Team Rumble. They went on, advising players to report the issue if they observed it happening on modes that have respawn disabled.


Meanwhile, the developer also addressed another ongoing issue in “Fortnite” BR where players in vehicles are being eliminated while they are driving around Loot Lake.

In line with this, another insta-death location was also discovered after the game’s latest patch as one of its unfortunate victims is streamer Dakotaz. Ironically, he and his teammates can be heard talking on how the game improved right before they got eliminated in the match. Epic tweeted out that they are also aware of that insta-death location (Knepley’s Pawnshop in Tilted Towers) and cautioned their community about it.

In other Fortnite-related topics, Reddit user u/Paqzy recently made a post over on r/FortniteCompetitive requesting to bring back the ability to split heal items while healing. The OP further explained that it was removed from the game adding it was not written in the patch notes. Someone from Epic took notice of the post as he stated that it was not intentional and assured players that it will be fixed.