Destiny 2” players are pretty much irked lately because of the fact that they are unable to complete their Invitation of the Nine quest step. That said, Bungie addressed the issue and it looks like it will stay in the game for quite a bit. The developer also responded to their player base' feedback regarding Blackout in Reckoning.


Bungie took to their social media channels to address the above-mentioned issue and they stated that it is now being investigated, adding that it is expected to be resolved in the upcoming update (2.2.2) that will be deployed next week.

This got a lot of players who are already in the quest step frustrated while some of them pitched in a couple of ideas to fix the problem:

  • Auto-completing the Vex step
  • Reverting the hotfix that made the Invitation of the Nine work on only one planet

Community Manager Dmg responded to these suggestions over on the game’s subreddit (r/DestinyTheGame), stating that they are unable to auto-complete the quest step. He added that Guardians who are already on it will just have to wait until a hotfix is rolled out. As for the reverting pitch, he replied that the ongoing issue has affected more than just the Invitation of the Nine quest step. He further explained that doing such move “would break a few other things” and eventually would not address the actual problem that’s affecting the quest.

Dmg went on, stating that solving the actual problem will prevent other issues that might arise whenever quests similar to the Invitation are released in the game.

On Blackout

As mentioned, Dmg also addressed players’ feedback regarding Blackout in Reckoning.

According to him, they have been monitoring both the player base’s feedback and the PvE event’s completion rates. He also made it clear that there are no plans as of late to remove the modifier from Reckoning. However, he pointed out that he has seen several strategies coming from other players on how to beat Blackout as these are posted on the feedback threads.

Oxygen SR3 buff, please

Cozmo, on the other hand, addressed other issues in the game as one of them include the Oxygen SR3 Legendary Scout Rifle. He assured players that he’ll be passing along such request (increasing the damage and combining perks to open up a spot for Multikill clip), as he stated that they’ve been getting a lot of feedback to buff the weapon and the scout rifles in general.

As for the frequency of Sandbox updates, he responded, noting that they are providing tweaks in “D2’s” overall sandbox as often as they can.

He pointed out the recent changes to the Arc subclasses and the upcoming changes to both the Spectral Blades and Pinnacle hand cannons (Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten).