About a month ago, Bungie’s former Design Lead Josh Hamrick left the studio as he ventured onto something else adding that he’ll be back making games. With that in mind, two of the game maker’s staff have announced that they too have left the studio and this has worried a lot from the “Destiny 2” community.

They left

Both Bungie Design Lead Joe Blackburn, and Forsaken Narrative Lead Jill Scharr, have recently taken to Twitter to announce that they left the game studio on Friday, April 26. Per Blackburn’s tweet, he stated that he can’t express how much Destiny and the folks that worked on it meant to him adding that he can’t wait to see what’s next.

Scharr, on the other hand, tweeted out that working on the game for the last four years have been incredible. She went on thanking both the studio and the people that she worked with and stated that it’s not yet goodbye for her “writerfam.”

Past and present employees of Bungie have sent out their messages of appreciation and well wishes to the two including the “D2” player base. That said, some of them can’t help but worry about the future of the game now that some people over at Bungie are leaving the studio.

D2 players getting worried

Reddit user u/snowfi8986 posted links to both of Blackburn and Scharr’s tweets alongside his two cents about it.

According to the OP, albeit the fact that there are still a lot of people over at Bungie’s Raid team, he pointed out that Blackburn “was at the head when players have had every raid” in the game and that most of it have been amazing. He further explained that he’s quite worried that the raid quality might falter now that Blackburn has left the company adding that it’s his main source of enjoyment in the game.

Another member of r/DestinyTheGame stated that he’s worried ever since Bungie has cut ties with Activision. The Redditor added that the game developer is “a bit of a mess when it comes to leadership and direction for Destiny.” Someone even believed that the Sandbox leads that earlier left the company might have been booted out by Bungie as the OP stated that they are responsible for most of the stuff players hated about the first game.

In other Destiny-related topics, Community Manager Dmg has recently addressed the changes on both Not Forgotten and Luna’s Howl. In his tweet, the team has been hard at work on those tweaks to make sure that the hand cannons are still viable in the Sandbox. He also pointed out a couple of things about these changes:

  • The weapon kept both the recoil and animation of 180 RPM Precision hand cannons
  • The change to Magnificent Howl will prevent two-tap kills

He went on stating that they will continue gathering feedback and it will go on in the next season.