Update 2.2.1 has brought in several changes to “Destiny 2” alongside some issues that were later on patched by Bungie. One of them is the Enhancement Core exploit that allowed players to get an unlimited amount of this in-game material by simply dismantling Pinnacle Weapons. That said, the player base’s call to remove the item from infusion has grown even stronger while others have been pitching in ideas on how to cut down its scarcity.

Enhancement Cores in Season 7

It looks like Bungie responded to this issue as they provided details about the future of Enhancement Cores in the game’s Season of Opulence.

According to Community Manager Dmg, the update that he posted over on Bungie’s forum page also tackled Mod Components since these items have been a topic of discussion as well. He pointed out though, that these planned changes are still in development for the next season, adding that these are still subject to change:

  • The topic was previously discussed in the TWAB about Gunsmith bounties that will cost Gunsmith materials. This idea has been tweaked and was changed to Glimmer.
  • Dmg also stated that there will be multiple daily bounties for players to complete. They will then be rewarded with an Enhancement Core and a couple of Mod Components.
  • They will also chip in two weekly bounties where completion of these activities will grant players with one Enhancement Core, a mod (either weapon or armor), and other materials or reputation/rank points (Valor or Infamy, not Glory) depending on the bounty’s objectives.


As mentioned, players came across several issues in the game after the recent update went live.

With that in mind, Bungie announced that they will be rolling out hotfix today and it will resolve the following issues that are currently in the game:

  • Players will now be allowed to get their Season 6 Pinnacle Weapons (2 p.m. PDT)
  • Gambit Prime bonus perks will be re-enabled on both Sentry Synths and Sentry armor set
  • The PlayStation 4 exclusive Exotic – the Wavesplitter - will be disabled for both Xbox One and PC players.

Other emerging issues

Cozmo, on the other hand, stated that they are currently looking into an emerging issue involving the Warlock’s Chaos Reach and the Exotic Leg Armor Geomag Stabilizers.

This came after someone from r/DestinyTheGame noticed that the super ability does less damage, not to mention that the leg armor does not extend the ability’s duration.

In line with this, he also stated in another Reddit post that the Arcstrider damage bonus stacking with super was not an intended tweak, adding that they are already looking into it as well. They are also working on an issue of players saving Ethereal Keys in the Postmaster over DLC launches.