Epic Game’s qualifiers for their Fortnite World Cup is still ongoing as players battle it out for the tournament’s $100 million prize pool. NA East’s 3rd week proved to be one of the most exciting legs of the qualifier as this included top tier players like FaZe Clan’s Turner “Tfue” Tenney. The popular Twitch streamer has finally earned a spot in the finals that will take place in New York this July.

First on the list

Prior to snagging that dub, Tfue was a bit worried that he might not qualify and was having second thoughts of backing out. However, he said on his stream that he’s got a feeling that he has to win the match adding that he’s already in the position of achieving it.

The streamer can also be heard that he was hoping to at least get to top six and 69 the points that he earned would be enough for him to qualify. The results were way better than he hoped for as the 69 points that he earned placed him on first place in the qualifier’s solo competition, not to mention that he now has the opportunity in winning the $30 million event. Other players in the top 10 include:

  • 2nd TTV UnknownxArmy (67)
  • 3rd FaZe Funk (64)
  • 4th NittleFN (64)
  • 5th MSF Clix (63)
  • 6th Dubs fn (62)
  • 7th CLG psalm (58)
  • 8th MSF Famhood (58)
  • 9th yung calculator (57)
  • 10th E11 HEART (55)

After his momentous win, Tfue went on celebrating with his dad and some of his friends just waiting outside his window. They celebrated his victory with some drinks that got the streamer pretty much drunk afterward.

Not even slightly tipsy he said

Albeit the slurred speech, Tfue still managed to thank some folks who donated on his stream and expressed his appreciation to the people who supported him. His girlfriend – YouTuber Corinna Kopf was present during the occasion as she decided to put an end to his stream. Kopf can even be heard saying, “Chat, he has to go, he’s drunk, let’s go.” Before the stream ended, Tfue went on thanking the people who “smoked some beers” with him and for using his creator code adding that he’s not even slightly tipsy.

For the uninitiated, the couple announced their relationship about a month ago as Kopf can be seen in some of Tenney's live streams.

Not so fortunate in duos

Tfue also participated in Fortnite World Cup’s duos open qualifier alongside FaZe Cloak (Dennis Lepore).

However, the two failed to make the cut as they settled for 84th place with 57 points in total. Ninja (Tyler Blevins), on the other hand, finished at 130th place with teammate Reverse 2k as they earned 53 points in total. Another Fortnite player and streamer Nickmercs (Nick Kolcheff) did better as he and NioRooch finished at 18th place with 72 points. The Fortnite World Cup finals will be from July 26 until the 28th.