Epic Games has finally rolled out the "Fortnite-Avengers: Endgame" crossover content and players can equip themselves with weapons coming from Earth’s mightiest heroes. That said, data miners have just stumbled upon some interesting stuff in the game files suggesting that another superhero collective could be making their way into the battle royale shooter.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, and Broken Light

Data miners @FortTory and @LavaLeaks recently took to Twitter to reveal that “Guardians of the Galaxy” content could be in the works for “Fortnite.” This after the two leakers posted several screenshots showing codes from the game files suggesting that GotG-themed cosmetics could be on the way as one of them can be clearly read, “Star-Lord Outfit.”

Another data miner - @knapperigeLeaks – also tweeted out a screenshot that reads “Star-Lord Pack” followed by “Star-Lords perfect distraction.” Knapper believes that it’s a music pack that could be a part of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” set.

Dexerto also covered the story and noted that a “wider selection of cosmetics could be on the way” and they stated that the leaked files also contained, “Interstellar” and “Broken Light” in it.

Epic Games, on the other hand, hasn’t confirmed nor teased anything yet about it. Until then, all the above-mentioned information should be chewed on with some pinches of salt.

Retail Row and Tilted Towers’ destruction

@FortTory also tweeted several clips showing the destruction of the two well-known POIs in the game – Tilted Towers and Retail Row.

Ruined 3D renders of some of the notable landmarks at those landing spots were also posted online. That said, it is believed that the volcano that was added at the beginning of Season 8 will cause the destruction of those areas on the map. The data miner also leaked a 3D render of the iceberg in the game with some huge cracks on it.

Could be ruined in Season 9

There’s no definite date yet as to when those POIs will be brought to ruins, though Dexerto predicted that it might happen in “Fortnite’s” ninth season.

The website further explained that Epic Games has this penchant for making massive changes within the “Fortnite” BR map every time a new season kicks off (the addition of the volcano, Lazy Steps, and Sunny Steps in Season 8).

Players were speculating the destruction of Tilted as early as the third season, though it proved to be inaccurate. However, with the leaks that recently popped up, it may well seem that these areas of the map will soon be facing the inevitable. Meanwhile, players can now check both the Endgame and Season 8 Overtime challenges that came out alongside the v8.50 update.