"Destiny 2's" announcement just came out of nowhere as Bungie’s Design Lead – Josh Hamrick – revealed over on Twitter that he’ll be leaving the game studio. Both his colleagues and the “Destiny 2” community were saddened by the announcement and at the same time expressed their appreciation for what he’s done for the online-only space shooter over the years.

Josh's final week at Bungie on 'Destiny 2'

Per Hamrick’s tweet, today (March 25), marks his final week working at Bungie. He went on expressing how much he loves both the studio and the game, though he stated that it’s time for him to move onto something else.

He also assured his followers that he’ll be back to making games after taking some time off.

As mentioned, his Bungie family thanked him for his contributions in making the game. So did some of the well-known personalities in the “D2” community. His announcement was also made known over on the game’s subreddit and one of the Redditors pointed out that Hamrick “was a pitchfork against Barret” for finally rolling out bows in the game. Reddit user u/Vahro added that the design lead buffed 2/3 of the Exotics in the game making these items worth using.

Invitations of the Nine

In another “D2” related topic, someone over on the Raid Secrets subreddit posted a clip claiming to be a future Invitation of the Nine content.

The OP believes that it was “mistakenly delivered” to his friend (who clipped the cutscene) by the game as some players pointed out that it’s for week three. The cutscene’s got some background music on it, though the dialogue between the Emissary and the Nine can still be read:

  • The Nine: “WHAT DOES IT WANT?”
  • The Emissary: “Power.”
  • TN: “LIKE YOU?”
  • TE: “No one is like him.”
  • TE: “He has agency like you wouldn’t believe. He can leave this place.”
  • TE: “Think bigger. He can leave this game.”
  • TE: “Then I’m afraid it’s impossible to explain.”

The OP also stated in his post that his friend was running the Invitations right at reset before the game bugged out.

With that in mind, “D2” players have also experienced a so-called inventory bug after Bungie recently conducted some maintenance work in the game. This resulted in some players getting an ornament for Thorn (Wishes of Sorrow) which was later on confirmed by Light.gg to be included in a Silver-only bundle. Jubilant Engrams were also obtained by some players as these are scheduled to go live during “Destiny 2’s” The Revelry event.