"Fortnite: Battle Royale" and "Save The World" servers are currently down for the deployment of patch 6.30, and the patch notes for the update reveal exciting new additions to the game. The news was announced on the official "Fortnite" handles on different social media accounts and the update, which is almost three gigabytes in size, is already available for download.

New limited-time mode

A new LTM coming to the game called "Food Fight." Just like Disco Domination and Team Terror, there will be a battle between two teams, but for an entirely different reason.

This time, there will be an impassable wall that will pass through the center of the map and a giant mascot head will spawn on each side of the map.

Players will have a certain amount of time to build a fort and fortify their mascot before the barrier between the two teams disappears and a fight begins between the two teams. Whichever team destroys the mascot head of the other team will win the battle. Players will also be wearing their team's mascot head.

This mode will also have the respawn feature and almost double the number of materials can be harvested from trees, walls etc. The patch notes also mention that there will be no explosive items and weapons in the game, although the trailer for Food Fight shows an RPG.

New Mounted Turret

The new legendary trap that was leaked earlier this week is finally making its debut in the game.

The weapon is going to have unlimited ammo and can be used by anyone once the trap is placed. We can expect it to be widely used in the Food Fight event as there is going to be a lot of battles near the site of the mascot heads.

The Mounted Turret can overheat if used for a long time and can be destroyed by shooting it directly or destroying its structural support.

Removal of Glider Redeployment

Epic Games has announced that this new patch will remove the glider redeployment feature from the solo, duo, and squads game modes, but it will still be available in the Playground mode and other LTMs. We can expect a lot of people getting eliminated from fall damage once the servers are back online.

Some other changes include the arrival of a new solo tournament called "Scavenger Pop-Up Cup." According to the patch notes, this tournament will test temporary limited time modes. Players participating in this tournament will test several gameplay adjustments such as reduced material limit, faster harvesting, and earning health for eliminations.

That's it for this update, see you in the battle royale!