There are less than 12 hours left until "Fortnite's" Fortnitemare game modes ends with a one-time event, so it's your last chance to unlock the Dark Engine Glider and all the other items that are exclusive to this game mode if you haven't already. The cracks on the enormous purple cube have started to grow even bigger and bigger and it seems like it's getting ready for a big explosion.

The one-time event

Kevin the Cube, that has been rolling across the map since season 5 and has been in the limelight for quite a while, has started to give purple streaks of light again.

This time, the cracks are opening and they are emitting a strange bright light. Although the main event hasn't taken place yet, an unusual object fell from the cube into the whirlpool located at the center of Leaky Lake. Take a look:

Since this unusual occurrence, the floating cube has started to crumble and is advancing to its last stages.

Just like the "Rocket Launch" event, the cube's destruction will possibly lay the foundation of season 7 of the game. It is also rumored that this event will be accompanied by a big map changes, especially the Leaky Lake get a new look.

The recent leaks by data miners have revealed that a new island is going to replace the former Loot Lake.

The Butterfly event

The latest game patch added new files to the game and thanks to FNBRLeaks, a couple of new audio files from the upcoming event has been extracted from the game files.

It looks like the new event is called "Butterfly" and the game sounds suggest that a butterfly is going to appear during the game because the object that fell into the whirlpool looked like a cacoon, but it is also possible that the butterfly will hatch from the purple cube.

Event warning

Players were preparing to watch this event in the “Playground LTM” and a player on Reddit even confirmed it from the “Fortnite's” support team, but another moderator on “Fortnite’s” official subreddit confirmed that the support staff “misspoke” about the event. They replied to the user by saying: "To clarify, one of our Player Support Team members misspoke in this case. The 'Playground LTM' will not be a playlist where you could experience this in-game event. We've taken steps to make sure that this is clear in the lobby."

This means that players will only be able to experience the event in solo, duo, and squad mode. I know most the people don't want to get eliminated while the one-time event happens, and there might be a good news for everyone about that.

Siloxleaks on Twitter found two lines of code that hints that players will not be able to use weapons during the event.

We're not sure how long the event will last, but it is going to start at 1 PM ET (6 PM UTC) today (November 4).