"Fortnite Battle Royale" is getting another big update, this week, as Epic Games is preparing the game for the v6.30 patch. The patch will most likely be released on Wednesday, November 14, at 4:00 AM ET, and it will bring some major changes to the popular video game. The "Fortnite" developer has confirmed that many changes will be made with the upcoming update. I also want to mention that weapon switching can give you a huge advantage now.

As we are approaching the end of Season 6, we can expect the game to get some big changes, to introduce us to the next season.

Week 8 of the sixth season is starting on Thursday (November 15), which means that Season 7 is going to start in early December if the video game developer doesn't decide to postpone it. A glider re-deployment mechanic will get another change with the upcoming update, as Epic Games decided to disable it.

Glider re-deployment change in v6.30

Two weeks ago, Epic Games started the glider re-deployment test in "Fortnite Battle Royale." This mechanic wasn't new to "Fortnite" players, as it had been introduced in Soaring 50's and Disco Domination limited-time game modes. However, the re-deployment change was released to the regular modes two weeks ago, and the game developer intended it to simply be a test.

After a week, the "Fortnite" creator decided to keep the glider re-deployment in the game, which was something many players opposed. While it allowed players to be more mobile, it also made fall damage almost non-existent. Additionally, there was no penalty for building huge structures or sky bases, which is something that made the game too easy.

After negative feedback from the community, Epic Games decided to reverse the change with the v6.30 patch. The mechanic will still be enabled in some limited-time game modes, such as Disco Domination, but it will be removed from the regular game modes.

"Two weeks ago we began our Glider Re-deploy test in default modes. We did not live up to expectations of quickly iterating on the mechanic and communicating plans.

We are disabling Glider Re-Deploy in all default modes starting in v6.30," is what Epic Games wrote in a blog post.

More changes coming with the patch

"Fortnite Battle Royale" players will also get a deployable turret with the upcoming patch. This will be a new item that players will be able to use for suppressed fire. Additionally, the video game developer announced that new tournaments would be added with the v6.30 update. These will be called "pop-up cups" and will be found under events tab in the main menu.