Guardians are a week away from experiencing “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Forge where the Black Armory expansion is slated to go live on December 4. In line with this, Bungie has just revealed in their latest TWAB blog post the new pinnacle weapons that players will be grinding for in the Crucible. The developer also responded to some of the emerging issues being brought to light by their player base.

Posts about the Synthoceps Exotic Gauntlets are all over the Destiny subreddit as of late as it was discovered to grant players massive damage in PvE.

Per Reddit user u/jamas899, the Exotic is bugged and gives bonus damage to any weapon in the game provided that it is paired with Well of Radiance and players proc-ing some biotic enhancements. Jamas added that the combination is so powerful that it can easily melt a Primeval in Gambit without eliminating its envoys.

Synthoceps issue being investigated

Community Manager Cozmo took notice of the Redditor’s post and stated that the issue is now being investigated. He also forwarded player feedback a few days ago regarding bounties as it was pointed out by u/thesplattedone that it should be used to correct strategies and not just another way for Guardians to grind.

Lunafaction and Harbinger’s Echo

The same thing went with Dmg as he responded to an issue with the Lunafaction Boots Exotic Leg Armor where its perk seems to not last for the entire duration of the Well of Radiance.

He stated that it is already a known issue and assured players that a fix will be deployed in future patches. He also revealed that a fix is being prepped up for another issue involving the Harbinger’s Echo Exotic Sparrow. Dmg stated that it is planned for Hotfix 2.1.1, though its release date is yet to be determined. He went on, stating that it “should be pretty quick” after the upcoming update that will roll out on November 27.

Dmg also pointed out in the recent TWAB that they’ve received a lot of feedback from players stating that they didn’t like splitting their progress toward the Crucible pinnacle quest. He then explained that all of the goals use a so-called account wide construct so that Guardians are able to complete such tasks on any character.

Verona on the Thunderlord

Edgar Verona, on the other hand, also took to Reddit to announce that the Thunderlord will be unredacted on the 27th in the API. This came after someone from the same subreddit requested to remove the classified mark from the LMG and put its stats on the API.

He further explained that they can’t do such tweak without them actually redeploying the static content files.